The Goddess of Sacred Sex is a portal for a new level of consciousness that promotes the awakening of masculine and feminine energies in the divine dance of union.  The Goddess tells us that our bodies are sacred vessels filled with the ability to transcend the realms of the physical and connect through the act of sex with divinity. The Goddess reminds us that sacred sex is so much more than just the physical joining of our bodies in orgasmic delight, it is about merging with the soul through the awakened vibration of the heart that remembers bliss beyond measure.  She reminds us that we are gods and goddesses walking this earth and we have attributes and potentials that lift us beyond the realm of the physical into the divine.


In the time of the goddess temples, sexuality was honoured for its regenerative powers and women’s bodies were revered for their ability to bring forth new life.  The Breasts, the yoni, the womb were all understood to hold the essence of life and the female body was deemed sacred, a mirror of the creative energy of the goddess herself.  I invite you to step into the past and explore the ancient temples and meet the goddesses and the sacred prostitutes who were the priestesses that engaged in rituals to invoke the transcendent qualities of the goddess through the act of sex.  Come and explore the ancient world that is inexorably imprinting on the modern and find its essence that is awakening in you.

Welcome to the Temple of the Goddess of Sacred Sex