The Harem

The Goddess of Sacred Sex invites us to open to the sacred in our love making, to be aware that sex is a gateway that can connect us with the divine, to see our bodies as sacred vessels of immense power and love.
The Goddess tells us that our bodies are sacred vessels filled with the ability to transcend the realms of the physical and connect through the act of sex with divinity. She reminds us that we are gods and goddesses walking this earth and we have attributes and potentials that lift us beyond the realm of the physical into beings of limitlessness. In the time of the goddess temples, sexuality was honoured for its regenerative powers and women’s bodies were revered for their ability to bring forth new life. The Breasts, the yoni, the womb were all understood to hold the essence of life. After millennia of patriarchal disempowering of both women and sexuality, the sacred can once again be acknowledged in women’s bodies and the act of sex explored into the realms of expanded consciousness.