tumblr_medztbMygX1rd3t8xo1_400On the subject of female ejaculation I had a conversation with Dr Stuart Mark Berlin who is a medical doctor as well as a highly experienced teacher of Hieros Gamos; sex magic in a new form called tantric kabbalah that integrates sexuality, spirituality and science. Stuart adds his knowledge of science to the union of sex and spirituality as a means of bringing human consciousness to the next evolutionary step of equality between the sexes. Stuart has had the experience of many different women who ejaculate so I sought his opinion because as a woman, I only have one experience – my own, and cannot speak in broader terms.

GoSS: Can I ask you about female ejaculation from a medical as well as spiritual context?

SMB: One of my favorite experiences, drinking amrita is like drinking the fountain of youth, especially the crone goddess amrita.

GoSS: What is the medical perspective; what is happening?

SMB: Female ejaculation is a physiologic action associated with orgasm that is not under voluntary control and is completely different from urination. It is associated with the release of what in a man are called prostatic enzymes, such as PSA.486406_447986175233322_269943138_n

GoSS: So it is the same as ejaculate fluid (without the sperm) – the carrier fluid?

SMB: Yes and No. This is because the glands that make amrita or female ejaculate are the same tissue that in a male turns into the prostate gland and seminal vesicles under the afffect of testosterone and mullerian duct degenerating factor during embryogenesis. Not exactly completely, but essentially the same.

GoSS: So why does it happen in older women more prevalently… is it because of their level of spiritual maturation, or does it happen in younger women the same?

SMB: There is a lot of variability from woman to woman and in the same woman in different times of her life. As you know the woman continues to mature sexually and spiritually especially after childbirth, age forty and then menopause but there are some younger women who ejaculate spontaneously without knowing what they are doing. My tantric partner did not understand what her body did even though she started squirting at age thirty or so. She was always ashamed of it and had been told she was peeing, even though she knew she wasn’t.

GoSS: What about the squirting aspect, like you see in porn… shooting across the room, is that true, it is not my experience – more a gushing, but the amount can be quite considerable at times.

SMB: I don’t know about that, I am into how it feels and tastes, the heat, the excitement, the orgasms that come with it. All of my partners make amrita in different amounts. Everything should be considered normal.
GoSS: And what is the link between spiritual maturity and the production amrita for those women who find this happening, spontaneously later in life?

SMB: Probably has to do with comfort with self, trusting themself, and with sacred sexuality which activates different parts of the brain.

yoni3GoSS: Different parts of the brain… that makes sense.

SMB: The integration of sexuality and meditation; an altered state of consciousness related to integrating maternal love with orgasmic sexual love; accessing the quantum generator of the brain; related to unifying the fragmented male aspect; related to unifying the ego and the soul. All of these play a part, amrita is the result.

GoSS: I understand all of that except about the unifying the fragmented male aspect. What is that?

SMB: Well every woman has a fragmented male inside of her too, as men have the goddess within them.

GoSS: Wow, that makes perfect sense to me.

Thank you Stuart for talking with me and explaining your experience from a medical as well as personal perspective. I think it is important to share this information on a subject that is not often talked about in order that both men and women are aware that there are a wide range of experiences to be had and that everything is normal.

You can find out more about Dr Berlin at his webpage: http://www.tantrickabbalah.com/index.html

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