TheelementsIn Goddess spirituality, we are not Wiccans or witches or pagans, nor we do not cast circles or do spells, but we do utilise many of the familiar tools of ritual such as altars and the creation of sacred space. The following is a standard script for the invocation of elements and directions when creating ritual as used here in the southern hemisphere. Rather than being required to conform to a static set of rules regarding the placement of elements in a certain direction, we take our cues from the land itself. Australia is a vast continent and if you are anywhere near the east coast, then the only pervading element has got to be the Pacific ocean lapping at our shores. It stands to reason that water is in the east. Conversely the whole land mass of the continent stretches to the west and so earth is in the west. As we move north the sun burns the hottest towards the equator and so fire lives in the north, leaving air and the cool currents from the south pole to hold that elemental position.

Do not be bound by what you read in a book. Goddess spirituality is alive and responsive to its surroundings and I know for a fact goddess lives in the present moment, not as a rule someone laid down years and years ago. Always utilise what is at hand, make up your own mind, do what you feel is relevant for the present moment and use your intuition to discern what is right for the circumstances. Feel for where the elements reside in the place that you live and tailor your ritual accordingly. Below are some suggestions.

Calling in the Directions and Elements

Direction of the East

We turn to the direction of the EAST, to the element of water, to the vast Pacific Ocean that washes the shores of this great continent. We open our hearts, our spirituality, and our emotions, allowing the watery realm of our dreams and intuition to influence and inform our waking lives.

May we surrender into the purifying flow of divine ease and grace, washing away that which no longer serves and embracing our ability to love.

Direction of the North

We turn to the direction of the NORTH, to the element of FIRE, to the burning sun which warms and lights our days. May this firey energy awaken our sexual energy and intensify our passions.

Let us ignite the flame of transmutation within and give us the courage to release that which no longer serves.

Direction of the West

We turn to the direction of the WEST, to the element of EARTH, to the massive expanse of country that we call our home. May the strength and wisdom of this ancient land ground us deeply in this place.

May we go deep into the earth, to the underworld realm, where we embrace our shadow and contact the keepers of the earth wisdom.Elemental_Evolution_by_bdotward

Direction of the South

We turn to the direction of the SOUTH, to the element of AIR, to the wild forces of wind that blast from the icy pole. We give thanks for the clarity and focus of mind that comes with the purity of air.

We call on the winged ones, the soaring eagle up on high to lend us their inner vision and the power to bear witness for ourselves and others.

As above, so below

I connect to SOURCE the power of all that is, the great central sun. I call on the Elohim, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters, the Gods and Goddesses all. I go above the earth grids and access the light of pure source energy.

I connect to the great BELOW, the core earth energy. I go deep and connect with the earth star crystal and draw on the power that keeps us grounded and belonging. I ask the permission of the ancestors of this land to hold space while we journey, to offer the wisdom of transformation and to provide a vessel of safety while we work with the shadow.

Always remember after calling in the elements and directions and god/dess or other spirit beings that when you have completed the ritual for which they were called, they are thanked and released. Bear in mind that what you are doing to a lesser or greater degree is invoking the energy of these forces when you call, and indeed they do come, raising the vibration and empowering the ritual to achieve the intended outcome.

I turn to each direction and thank the element by saying, for example – “We now turn to the direction of the East and thank the element of water. Hail and thank you water, we release you back to the east.” Similarly thank god/dess and other beings invoked, releasing them until called on again.

Goddess bless

kerrilotussmAbout the author: Kerri is a modern day priestess, a writer, a workshop facilitator, and a teacher of the sacred feminine. Having experienced the transcendent states available through sacred sex, she seeks to share the knowledge that the goddess brings when she enters the bodies and lives of those who carry her flame. With a passion for the ritual and ceremony of earth based goddess religion, she seeks to promote the blossoming of awakened consciousness through the union of sacred masculine and feminine energies. With a Masters degree in Religions Studies, she is currently penning her first book on a past lifetime in the goddess temples of ancient Jordan.