As Goddess of Sacred Sex, I am a great advocate for assisting both women and men to create a deeper and more meaningful relationship to their sexuality.  To that end I am always seeking out information or products that can aid in increasing awareness or assist in healing blockages that prevent opening to a deeper experience of sex.

A product that has recently come to my attention is crystal chakrubs.  Chakrubs are sacred sex toys made from 100% pure crystal, and while I have nothing against other battery operated products, these beautiful, hand-crafted tools are created with the intention of opening oneself up to the healing properties that only crystals can provide. Crystals are amazing beings. Yes I said beings for indeed they are alive! Quartz crystals are a mineral based life form. It is unlike anything man has come across in the form of intelligence and consciousness. Crystal intelligence can be compared to a computer in that this intelligence can be programmed to suit certain needs.

From my many years of working with women, I am acutely aware of the amount of sexual wounding which makes it very difficult for some women to feel safe and be intimate with their partner. So many women have experienced some form of sexual abuse, whether that be incest or violence or rape.  This wounding can leave an energetic residue in the pelvic region and can often create a blockage if some form of clearing work has not been done. Sometimes this requires processing and therapy and there are many professionals and healers out there who can assist and I would encourage all women who know they hold this wounding to seek some form of assistance.

What I have experienced with Chakrubs though, is the ability to program this crystal wand, just as you can program all crystals, and in doing so, create an intention or program that can aid in healing or releasing of sexual blockages.  If you are unsure how to program a crystal, I will explain how simple it can be. Now, all crystals have programming built into them, and much of this programming has to do with maintaining the earth’s energy field. However a crystal is very versatile and can multitask so why not take advantage of programming your Chakrub to assist.  Programming crystals is not difficult so do not let the word programming scare you.

Remember first to cleanse your crystal, and that can be done by leaving out under a full moon, smudging in smoke, or with sea salted water overnight.  Human thought directed into the crystal can program it very nicely, quickly, and easily. Hold the crystal in your hand and think about what you want the crystal to help you with. We have just been discussing healing sexual blockages, so your program may be “to release all blockages to my experiencing perfect sexual health”.  There are any number of different scenarios you can program for, and you may just wish to be able to relax enough so that you can enjoy sex more, or like me I programmed my crystal to align with the sacred masculine energies.  So take whatever your intention for programming may be and keep that in mind, repeating it out loud if you choose, while you hold your Chakrub in the palm of your hand. Take your other hand and hold it on top of the Chakrub about one or two inches from it. If you are sensitive enough, you will feel the energy flow from your one hand to the other with the crystal in between. Hold this intention and repeat the program in your mind or say out loud for a minute or so. When you feel the process is finished, it is.  It is that easy.

Now when using your Chakrub, it will begin making subtle changes in your energy field in alignment with the programmed directive. Crystals in general often have a mysterious way of changing your reality and the areas where you thought there was no change needed, winds up being the one that is changing. This is all part of the process. Best thing to do here is to go with it and see where it takes you. Usually it takes you where you wanted to go but not in the way you thought it would.  The fact that a Chakrub can be used for sexual healing is a profoundly useful tool, and one I would suggest be tried if this is an area where healing is required.

Now when using the Chakrub (I have a rose quartz one), I prepare myself for pleasuring by first having a warm oil scented bath, and when relaxed and open, I engage with some erotic thoughts, or literature for that matter and place my Chakrub on my heart area.  The rose quartz is known for its heart opening qualities and I breathe into and sensitize this area with the crystal.  Then when I penetrate my yoni, I remind myself of the intention and program held in the crystal and then breathe in energy whilst clenching the pelvic floor muscles, sending activated light up the spine.  Take in deep repeated breaths and hold, whilst clenching tight and you will feel energy begin to rise; this is the kundalini that can become activated through such a practice.  Once you feel the energy rise up to the level of the third eye, with tongue placed against the roof of the mouth, send it back down the front channel of the body on the outbreath, to join once again with the yoni.  If you are familiar with the microcosmic orbit, then this is the practice I use, or you could google it to find out more.  I find it works very well with the Chakrub activating the energy as it rises up my spine.  I then circulate the energy, activating the whole of my body, rather than just arousing the genitals.  You can try this too and see how it changes the depth and expanse of your sexual energy.

For the guys, I recommend you make a gift of this item for your partner, in order that she may use it alone, or for joint pleasuring sessions.  My partner uses it when performing oral sex on me and he finds it perfect for G spot stimulation.  I can also feel his energy activated through the crystal as he uses it, which is a totally different experience to self pleasuring.

Creating an intentional practice with your Chakrub entails learning how to quieten the mind in order to feel its subtle energies, develop emotional intelligence, strengthen self-awareness, and accept that your sexual being is profoundly important to be expressed in healthy and beautiful ways.  I believe that we are all gods and goddesses, and that when we love ourselves, we choose products that are in alignment with our highest intentions and create harmony in mind, body and spirit.

Chakrubs come in a range of different crystals and properties and you can choose which best suits your needs.  The Heart Chakrub is made from pure rose quartz, a crystal that has been used for thousands of years to assist:

Open the heart chakra to all forms of love – platonic, romantic, erotic, self, unconditional Sooth and lower stress levels
Bring gentleness, forgiveness, compassion
Remove fear, resentment, anger
Attract romantic love
Raise self-esteem and self worth
When the energy of the crystal combines with your own sexual energy, expect your chakras to light up, your heart to open, and your body to become more sensitive to subtle sexual energy.

Black Onyx is a stone that aids in overcoming past relationships. It guards against negativity and helps create emotional stability. black onyx chakrubBlack Onyx aids sexual health and self control and relates to the root chakra, ovaries, womb and menses.

Black Onyx has been used for centuries to assist:
-in overcoming past relationships
-guard against negativity
-help create emotional stability
-sexual health and self control
-Absorb and transforms negative energy
-Ease the root chakra, ovaries, womb and menses

All of these Chakrubs are available from this website and now come in six different crystal types where if you insert the word “goss10” in the discount box at the checkout, you will receive 10% discount off the stated price.

Goddess of Sacred Sex