Thursday 29 August 2013

Well southern California is proving to be as hot as Australia in the mid-summer with yesterday reaching over the 100 degrees fahrenheit mark (that’s about 38 degrees celsius) though without the humidity which is my home state of Queensland’s steaming tropical signature. I have been particularly blessed to have visited the Getty Museum, LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) and the La Brea tar pits.lacma3

The original Getty museum was created on the site of J Paul Getty’s villa in Malibu. He was a wealthy industrialist, made rich through Californian oil and had amassed a huge European arts and cultural collection after the first world war. Long after his death the Getty Trust used his collection to create the Getty Centre Museum high atop an acropolis like hill with breathtaking views of a wide swathe of prime LA real estate out to the Pacific Ocean.
IMGP2476I had such a wonderful day there wandering though stunning architecture and gardens and I got to see one of my favourite paintings – Van Gogh’s Irises. At one time bought by Alan Bond for US$53.9m, it was purchased by the Getty in 1990 and I was able to see it, together with many other works of European masters, first hand. It was pretty spectacular.

LACMA on Wilshire Boulevard in downtown LA afforded me the opportunity to head into the city and feel the vibe of this throbbing metropolis. The architecture, the people, the fashion, the ethnicity – all create an atmosphere that is uniquely LA and I drank in this visual feast. With Stuart as my host and guide, we first traversed the La Brea tar pits which are bubbling pits of tar which contain the largest and most diverse assemblage of extinct Ice Age plants and animals in the world as far back as 40,000 years ago. The work continues as palaeontologists sift through the black oozing mire to extract the skeletons of sabre-toothed cats, mammoths and wolves (to name only a few) who roamed the Los Angeles basin. I was blown away by the sheer number of bones, tar pitsover 1 million recovered from the pits since 1906. And of course while the oil has long ago been siphoned away, the tar continues to ooze up from deep within the mother and new outbreaks are just cordoned off and the digging and cleaning and re-assembling goes on.   The tar pits are adjacent to the grounds of LACMA which is a multi-building complex with an incredibly diverse collection of exhibits. I particularly loved the images of the goddesses and the Japanese netsuke collection.

And so, along with my cultural initiation, my sexual initiation also unfolds. After arrival at LA airport, Stuart drove up the coast to Malibu and to a sacred cave on the beach where he has been visiting for the best part of 30 years. In this ancient gateway, this yoni of the great mother, washed by the waters of the Pacific, I grounded myself for the first time on American soil after 17 hours in the air and was quite overwhelmed with emotion filled tears. As Stuart sang his mantra into the cave, I felt the Native American energies of the Chumash Indians to which this cave has been home for millennia and I felt welcomed.Cave

For those who do not know, as Priestess of the Goddess, I am deeply connected to Inanna and it is this goddess who speaks to me and through me and who has long awaited this spiritual and sexual awakening. Stuart’s work is about using the power of sexual energy to create a connection to goddess, understanding that sexual energy is both potent and sacred and through harnessing its ecstatic properties of continuous orgasm, we can connect the conscious ego mind to the part of the brain that creates the goddess in us all. We need to understand that goddess is a normal function of the human brain but this has been repressed by thousands of years of patriarchal culture. The understanding that this can be awakened through sexual ecstasy is my mission (cue mission impossible theme) if I choose to take it! Ah, yes please.

Part of my reconnection with Inanna has also long involved me being a channel for her words and ideas and while I have been able to automatically write what she speaks to me, I had not yet given voice to her words. That was up until two nights ago when an appointment was arranged to meet for a channelling session. Whilst I was going along to hear another woman channel a number of different goddesses, Inanna was not going to be denied and as we sat in sacred space and opening prayers, I felt her energy enter into my body. This was a new experience for me to feel her so imminent, so potent, sitting within me and poised to speak. And so, as she began, I was very conscious of what was being said, but was also aware of trying to remain separate from the message. What I did notice was the amount of sexual energy tantricly activated that was rising through my body in orgasmic states and which seemed to be the entry point through which she became available. I was pretty amazed at the results and felt a comfortability around this opening to channel. And so tonight Stuart has arranged a small gathering to specifically bring Inanna through me to speak. Will Inanna show up? Will I be a flop? I am surprisingly unperturbed about the outcome, but not about the manifest speed at which I am progressing.
This Priestess is finding her stride and is in full on amazement at the unfurling bud which is her sexual initiation to know goddess. Stay tuned… more to come soon.

tantric kabbalahPS: If you are interested in knowing about the work that Stuart Berlin does on Hieros Gamos, then read his book: Sexual Secrets of Tantric Kabbalah – Making Love. You can purchase it through my website at this link. US$28 including postage. This little book could change your life: