Thursday 4 September – Rosh Hashanah

rosh hashanahToday is Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish New Year. To this Australian gentile the practices of Judaism run scant where I come from and so I was pleasantly surprised to find out Rosh Hashanah, is the Jewish New Year and the first of the High Holy Days. Rosh Hashanah is a two-day celebration, which is believed to be the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve or Adam and Lilith, the first man and woman, and their first actions toward the realization of mankind’s role in God’s world.
And so as priestess, I recognised the holiness of this day and knew it was potent for ritual, sitting as it does at the bottom of the lunar cycle, awaiting rebirth. And so I have done ritual this day, the sacred priest and priestess came together to be initiated in the sacred marriage that honours Adam and Eve and Lilith. How appropriate to see the shadow of sexuality known as Lilith present in this honouring, for it is within the shadow, that some powerful transformation is made available. And so it is.

bottomsBut that is today, and there is a whole story to tell leading up to this moment, and so I have to fill you in on what my initiation as a sacred sexual priestess has been like as I count 12 days since I have arrived in southern California. What a whirlwind journey it has been as I reorient myself to the northern hemisphere where the water does in fact go down the drain widershins. And hot… my goddess one day last week it was 102 fahrenheit (about 38 celsius), so blessed to have a back yard with a pool at hummingbird, butterfly, bee paradise which is what Stuart refers to as the sacred temple that is Stuart and his crone mother’s home.

So within this community that I have been blessed to land in, I have met two other priestesses who also participate in the sacred sexual experience that forms this very honoured space. I am being held by other women, who also understand the depth of this initiation, and they are my sisters, and there was an instant bond on meeting them. Much of my remembering; the filtered images that goddess has been showing me, and the energy states that I have been traversing are telling me a story. And it is a story of lifetimes past when the temple was my home, where sexuality was honoured and the joy and bliss of the priestesses of the temple was the responsibility of the whole community as they understood the important role they played as holders of an ecstatic vibration. I am beginning to understand again what this is like.serpent yoni

And so to my body. The transformation that has occurred in a very short space of time around how I view my body is nothing short of phenomenal. In this languid heat I am reminded of hot Australian summers, where the pool is near and clothes are unnecessary; and so it is that in this accelerated state of vibration that is sacred sexuality, the bliss and joy generated actually inhabit the whole of the body, making it feel sensual to the touch, delicious to surrender into, understanding that this engorged heart space contains acceptance for every state of body, including my own. Suddenly I am able to see my true beauty and appreciate this body that moves with serpentine grace, that is supple and orgasmic and an overall expression of the goddess…. as all women are. That is what I am appreciating.

So on the fourth night that I was here, my hosts invited another priestess to come and meet the Aussie and hear me channel Inanna. Oooops, stage fright! We all sat outside in the warm evening, sharing wine and food and candles and laughter and the common deep love we all felt for goddess. Now this was my first public airing so to speak, intending on purpose to channel. Would I bomb? Would I live up to the doubts I had about myself? Well, what more perfect to share with you than what my beautiful sister Hadassah wrote to express her experience that night.

“An evening in Hummingbird, Butterfly, Bee paradise.
We sat in the steamy early evening, inquiring, engaging, eye-gazing, connecting as humans do with food and wine and chatter. An unseen energy twinkled through the air. Fondness and affection was released with each breath, like a mist or a breath exhaled by one, inhaled by another, we shared our very essences. As Inanna’s priestess shared… visions and gave assurances, promised guidance and wisdom, a great sense of calm and truth settled. Amidst laughter and pleasure the threads of family were woven together. The pulse of our shared intimacy, while we all sat clothed, holding wine glasses and crackers, beat as true as our hearts. A single beat, 5 hearts, 1 community, in service to the Goddess and the world.”
Hadassah Jay

And so I sat still. Inanna poured herself ecstatically into my body, making her presence known to me like I have never felt it before. It was liquid, it was serpentine, it was hot and it was bliss. My kundalini exploded sending me writhing in the chair, unable to control the uncontrollable Shakti as it presaged the arrival of the immensity of the energy of goddess. Then as she stilled, she was present to all that was being said, feeling into this body of mine as the vessel in which it was presenting. Then she grew impatient and I thought, wow I really feel her intensity. Then she spoke. I do not remember much of what was being said, but it was of her love for me and her appreciation for the choices I have made to quit a whole other life to jump the train tracks into a parallel universe in another country with no support whatsoever but my trust.


Red Root © Jo Jayson 2009

And then the energy totally shifted and my body was once again rocked with spasms of kundalini, as the serpentine twists and turns marked a pause almost, where that energy left and another vibration entered. It was all very surreal now looking back, but then I could say that about the whole last 12 days. So another energy came in and spoke and then another took its place until it was like Inanna was centred within me. I was humbled to hold space and speak as her oracle.

Well, that is about enough for this blog today as I prepare to speak at the Goddess Spirit Rising conference in Malibu tomorrow afternoon. I am speaking on Hieros Gamos, the sacred marriage in the ancient temples of goddess Inanna (how fitting). That has been the public face of my decision to travel here to Los Angeles, but I know that it fits glove in hand with this initiation into sex magic that I have been experiencing in this last two weeks. And I know, I haven’t even described anything more juicy yet. Well stay posted because I too am coming to terms with all the intimate details of this initiation that is occurring and which is slaying me open to the deepest core of my being, priming me and preparing me hold the energy of the Hieros gamos priestess, the sacred whore whose yoni has birthed universes. This is the immensity of the archetype that I am stepping into and on this day of Rosh Hashanah and the new lunar cycle, I give birth to this new life that I am now to walk, that of global sexual priestess, opening the minds and hearts and sacred yonis of all women.
So be it, and so it is.

PS: I need an immediate place to live here in Southern California after the weekend’s conference. If you could stand to have me around for a while, somewhere that I could be quiet and do some writing, I promise to share with you all that has been going on for me and lots more.

Goddess Bless