Thursday 12 September – Reclaiming Sacred Sexuality

Kerri1As a priestess of the goddess writing and researching on the topic of sacred sexuality for some years now, it has been made very clear to me through channelled information and direct memory of past lives, that I was this priestess in the temples, that my body was used as a conduit through which the energy of the goddess was made imminent in the act of ritualised sex. I further understood that sacred sex practices were extremely powerful acts of worship and that the body was a magnificent mediator of not only ecstatic states of bliss but light encoded information, being transmitted from divinity into the physical. The more I researched this subject matter and had the goddess speak to me I knew that researching the topic was not enough. I wanted to understand again what I already knew was possible. My body ached to experience these ecstatic states in the present in order that I could be of service to women everywhere. I wanted to remind them that their sexuality had been shut down by the patriarchy because it is scarily powerful and if they could once more remember the sanctity with which their hearts and minds and yonis (vulvas / vaginas) were held, then love could re-enter their lives and change absolutely everything.

For those of you who have been following my other blogs, you will know that I have spent the first two weeks of my sojourn in southern California being hosted by Stuart Mark Berlin and his crone mother partner. Stuart is a sacred sex practitioner, a retired paediatrician, a writer and the creator of sex magic practices known as Tantric Kabbalah. You will also know that there are two other priestesses who have held me safely while this sexual opening has taken place which has also included the awakening of oracular abilities where Goddess Inanna has been speaking through me.
The decision to seek out and experience a sacred sexual opening to the goddess is not something that I have taken lightly and in fact I maintained a two year connection with Stuart before my arrival in the US to ensure that I could trust him, that I would be safe and that his intentions were legitimate. They are and he is. I see Stuart charged with the same task as me, that is to return to the present times an understanding that in the temples of the goddess, sexuality was beautiful and natural and that when performed in ritual context, it was a prayer, an act of devotion and worship where goddess could be accessed in her most visceral and ecstatic context – that is through the body.


And so to my opening. It was with a little trepidation that I awaited my initiation. Having just got off a 17 hour flight from Australia, in a stranger’s home and not knowing what to expect, I received Stuart into my bed for the first time. Stuart is an advocate of creating high oxytocin states of arousal through prolonged pleasuring which after a certain amount of time flipped a switch in my brain and moved me into a light trance state. This is a practice which he has developed over more than ten years and involves suckling of the nipples (just as mothers experience in bonding with their babies through breast feeding), long bouts of kissing, prolonged cunnilingus and the recitation of a prayer into the yoni which aids in the unification of all energies into ecstatic states. All of these activities create arousal and the more a woman is aroused, the more she relaxes and opens, and like a flower I began to unfurl.

And so through daily practice and worship at the font of the yoni, I began to chakraincreasingly move deeper and deeper into trance states through greater arousal and orgasm. My kundalini has been open and active for many years, so it was not difficult for me to experience full body orgasms where the energy instead of being centred in the genitals is able to rise all the way through the body and expand out through the heart and crown chakras. What I found was that I was able to experience increasingly long periods of constant orgasm, sometimes 20 minutes to half an hour and more. For those of you who think this is a bit far-fetched, then I have to say that experiencing the kundalini in other ecstatic practices like dance, when the body moves into trance states, the energy begins to circulate, moving up from the base and out the crown and back down again, creating a continuous circuit. I have experienced this energy before on the dance floor, when after prolonged dancing, I could have full body orgasms without going anywhere near my genitals. The genitals do not need to be aroused to experience divine states of ecstasy – but it is also pretty damn nice to do so. Remember that this was once our natural state of being – orgasmic. We were created this way and we were shut down. This is why I write and share this with you, not for your voyeuristic pleasure, but to help you remember, for you too sisters and brothers are also able to know such ecstatic bliss.

I also began to understand what was happening in my brain; that these ecstatic states were beginning to form road maps of neural pathways. The increasingly firing neurons were laying down tracks that from dirt paths were fast etching super highways. The time it was taking for me to move from non-arousal into ecstasy was getting less and less and this was a direct result of the mind remembering. Just like riding a bike. Hesitant at first, within a couple of goes, you don’t even need to think about it.
Enter the priestesses! Group sex is something you might perceive as tawdry or done in orgiastic settings and I’m sure it fits all those bills, but as is my intention always, the sacred is ever held at the front of my mind when entering into these acts and so it was that Goddess Freya who has been joining with Stuart for some time now to worship in this way, joined us. For me, who has had limited experience with other women’s bodies, I knew how sensual it was to kiss another woman’s mouth, but I was not ready to fall totally in love as I did when I luxuriated in the softness of skin, the sensual delight that presented to me this day. More than that, I felt a remembering. Here was my sister in the temple; here was another sacred sexual priestess, mediating goddess through her body, actioning the bliss that is all our birth rites. And so I merged. With her, with him; oneness known in the jumble of bodies that is so far removed from what we are told is unacceptable and disapproved of by those who would wish us to remain uninformed of where our true love and power lies. And it is so not about being a certain size or looking a certain way. All of us were post 40 years of age (me being 52) with round and soft bodies, women with padding where women have padding. IMG_0876None of that matters when the focus is on moving into altered states of consciousness where goddess can be accessed. Stuart calls this place liminal time. You have moved away from present awareness into a space outside of time. Here you are able to communicate with goddess or deity with many of the barriers removed. Prayers, petitions and conversations can be had and intentions to create various outcomes are amplified in this rarefied state. It is hugely powerful for me to create a relationship with goddess wherein I have direct access to her, where she speaks to me and shows me all this cool stuff. This is what I came to the US to experience and it is happening. I am a sacred sexual priestess of the goddess, and now I know why.

That is enough for now of my journey thus far. There is so much more and it is continually unfolding as I become an oracle for the wisdom of goddess. If you want to contact me directly to ask questions, please feel free to email me on

Blessings of the goddess from this priestess.
In service and bliss.


PS: If you are interested in knowing about the work that Stuart Berlin does on Hieros Gamos, then read his book: Sexual Secrets of Tantric Kabbalah – Making Love. You can purchase it through my website at this link. US$28 including postage. This little book could change your life: kabbalah