motorcycle-taxi-2This priestess has not written and shared herself for quite some months, but my return to Australia has prompted me to do so and my story has completed one leg and commenced another.  The transition into a new year and my return home has seen me review my absence of six months, leaving back in August 2013 when I headed to California to speak at the Malibu Goddess Conference and connect with a priest of the goddess to engage in acts of sacred sex.  (See parts 3 and 4 of my blog) Well of course so much has happened in six months and the last four of those has been spent in Chiang Mai, writing my book and transforming.  The book writing had been planned, but not so the deep transformation that occurred and the two months seemingly spent trawling the underworld in pain and quite some despair after experiencing a shoulder injury from falling off a motor scooter.  I can see heads nodding.  The attraction of hiring a scooter / motorbike to ride around in Asia is something many find so appealing, and likewise many also experience the down side of an accident.  Yes its bedlam out there with no road rules, I mean red lights are only a mere suggestion… and like brave warriors we westerners don our helmets and enter into the fray of battle with those who have spent a lifetime growing up on the back of a motor bike, often four at a time, who so easily seem to navigate the unwritten laws.  I so admire those gorgeous little Thai women, sitting side saddle on the back in high heels and tights, no helmet and no hands, punching out messages on their iphones.

Well it was only day 2 for me when I was still learning throttle control (never having ridden a bike before) when in a tight lane trying to get around an oncoming car, I lost control and ended up on my back with the bike under a parked car.  I had hurt my shoulder quite badly, pulling all the muscles and tendons and I went to ground like a wounded animal… and indeed I was one.  Living alone in a little house east of the river in Chiang Mai, I held my arm to my body, put up with the pain and hibernated.  It was also the coldest winter in Thailand in something like two decades, and believe me, the Thais don’t do cold weather well.  With only one thin blanket on the bed, I would lay shawls and even old curtains I found in the cupboard on top of me at night trying to get warm.  I used this time to write my book and look deep within.  The year IMG_1217of the snake was drawing to a close and like the chthonic messenger it is, it beckoned me down deep into the underworld, and resistance was useless.  Fuelled by pain and introspection I had to look deeply at myself and shed all the qualities that I had heretofore denied, all the things I didn’t like about myself, my limiting beliefs, my wounded heart, my body hatred, facing the fact that I was my own worst enemy.  Awful, painful stuff, stuff you just can’t do when you are stuck in the day to day world of work and families.  My underworld journey became a spiritual retreat where I went pretty well nowhere and saw no one, except for my dear friend Mark, an American living in Chiang Mai, who I had met on a previous visit two years ago.  He is a committed spiritual aspirant, hanging out in the temples, feeding his spiritual quest for enlightenment and being my only support system, listening to my travails and offering his advice.  I shall miss him.

Whilst I have to tell you I did get back on the bike, and within a couple of days as well (for I pride myself on being a wild woman) but I moved with trepidation and a lot more respect for the skill of Chiang Mai motor bike riding.  But the journey back out of the underworld was not so expedient and paralleled the healing of my shoulder as I transformed through changes in diet, meditation and spiritual practice that saw me taste the profound divinity of awakened kundalini.  I seriously never thought something so transformative was available to someone like me, but then again I understand now that this experience of love is the nature of who we all are, it is the very essence of our being.  And I’ve just touched the edges of this expanse of expanded consciousness.

CoolangattaSo with draft one of my book finished and visa expired, it was time to leave Thailand and head back to Australia.  So many mixed emotions when returning home after six months.  Somehow it feels like I have never been away as I pick up the pieces of family and friendships and visit familiar places, and “yikes” even look for a job!  And on the other hand, changes so profound have taken place, that nothing can ever be the same again.  Life must recommence and it requires me to find a place to live and an income to support that habit.  Already the price of everything is astounding after living in Asia, and I am shocked that a coffee can cost $6.  Coming to the rescue has been my girlfriend Mina, who after a week spent with my mother, offered me a couple of days at her place in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast.  The joy of life in Australia has been restored to me, as I sit on her balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean watching the surf break and breathe in the beauty, cleanliness and order of this fabulous country.  A beach walk this morning brought back so many memories of my childhood here on the border of Queensland and New South Wales.  My grandparents used to own the Hollywood Cafe in the centre of Coolangatta, pretty much opposite the famous Pie Shop and much of my childhood was spent in this part of the world.  My walk took Coolangatta porpoisein Greenmount Beach where I used to swim as a kid, up to Point Danger lookout and around the Tweed River bar opening where back in the 1960’s and 70’s my parents would take my brothers and I to the famous Jack Evans Porpoise Pool to watch performing dolphins, long before they were even called that here.  The weather is tropical, humid and languorous and as I pick a beautiful frangipani blossom and take in its heady aroma, I know that I am home.  Indeed how blessed I am.  And Mina, the original wild woman has initiated me back into Australian culture with a mixed seafood platter for two at the local Surf Club and a couple of bottles of bubbles to welcome me home followed by the obligatory ‘get-your-gear-off’ midnight dip into the surf at Rainbow Beach.  What a hoot for two 50 something gals.  (Ask me about the photos of the naked accordion playing sometime!)

So as a new chapter in my life commences, this priestess knows not where she may be living nor the details of that existence, but as always life is approached as an adventure and if there is one thing I know for certain it is my commitment to walk the path of the spiritual warrior, as a priestess of the goddess, sharing my knowledge and wisdom of the sacred feminine where and how I can.

I am currently blocked from my Facebook account after being hacked by someone in Teheran, and FB can’t get their act together to get me back online, so my contact with the world is limited for now.  I have already run one workshop on sacred sexuality since returning last weekend and I have a few more engagements coming up already.wooden horse  If you would like to secure my services as a workshop facilitator or speaker for your group, please be in touch.  This new year of the wood horse is definitely up and running and I feel the activity and positivity of the horse energy as it gallops through our lives creating possibilities and opportunities that have not been seen for many years.  Please make sure this year you take advantage of every chance to make all your dreams come true.

With much love and blessings


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