Jessi 1How would you like to immortalise your beautiful yoni in a work of art being created by Gold Coast based artist Jessi Fiveash?  She is looking for 70 more volunteers to offer their pretty privates to be cast in plaster for an upcoming art piece to be displayed at The Celebration of the Female Form Exhibition in Brisbane, Australia on 28th June – 29th June 2014.

Jessi says “For too long now, the porn industry has reigned supreme when it comes to how both women and men view the vagina (or more correctly, the vulva). These nipped, tucked and photoshopped images fill our magazines, websites and ultimately, our minds. But this is not reality. In reality, every vagina, every vulva, is unique. Just like a fingerprint, every woman’s yoni is uniquely her own – no two are the same, each beautiful. Yes, I said beautiful. I want to change the way women view their vaginas – and hopefully when they walk away from my piece, they see it as sacred and begin to treat it as such.

Basically, what I am looking to do is create a giant puzzle. This giant puzzle will have 100 pieces and hold a message for the public and women everywhere. The puzzle will be mixed up and it will be up to the public to solve it, by sliding the pieces around… abit like a flat rubiks cube, if you will.

Here’s the twist…
Each puzzle piece is going to be a plaster cast of a womans vagina and I require 100 wonderful women to volunteer their time and likeness to this project.

Some things that are important to begin with…

– Volunteers must be 18+
– Volunteers must be on the Gold Coast (Aust) or surrounding areas
– Volunteers can be of any age, race, size and shape.
– Volunteers will be required to sign a waiver on the day of creating molds.
– Volunteers will be required to attend artist’s private studio to create molds.
(Volunteers are welcome to bring a chaperone – but please no children!)
– Privacy will be respected and names of volunteer models will NOT be accessible by   anyone other than the artist herself.

Jessi 3I will be using a non-toxic product to create the molds. Volunteers will, of course, be required to be nude from the waist down and to ensure I capture the most amount of detail possible, the only barrier between the volunteers skin and my molding product will be coconut oil.  Molding time should take roughly 10-15mins. The plaster casts will be created once the molds have been thoroughly dried and added to the puzzle board ready for painting of the message.

(**Please note** This is not at all an intrusive experience.  You as the volunteer will apply the coconut oil yourself, and I do not touch your skin directly. I have worked a system where the only time I am required to touch the volunteer is when I am applying plaster cast bandages to form a hard backing to the molding product, which is simply poured liberally over the area.)”

So if you are able to help and would like your puss plastered for posterity in the name of art and positive body image, please let Jessi know.  She can be contacted in any of the following ways:

Email – jess5ash@hotmail.com
FB – www.facebook.com/5ash.artist
Ph – 0415 501 164

Here’s some more information on Jessi:

Jessi 2Jessi Fiveash (aka “5ash”) is a multi-talented artist based on the Gold Coast of Australia.  Never one to shy away from the challenge of learning and working with a new medium, 5ash dabbles in a bit of everything – pencils,  ink, ceramics, watercolour, oils, installation art, street art, photography, multimedia and fashion design.
5ash started selling her art at the young age of 17, she owns an internationally known children’s fashion label, has been featured in Australia’s Pregnancy & Birth Magazine and has had her talents put on display on the catwalk in the Australian ‘Painted Doll’ competition.
What’s next for 5ash? She is stoked to be bringing live street art to the Miami Marketta on the Gold Coast, and putting together a large piece for The Celebration of the Female Form Exhibition in Brisbane (Aust), June 2014.  You can be sure you’ll be seeing plenty more from this quirky Aussie artist in the future. The world is her oyster!

Just letting you know I am up for the task and will be offering my yoni for the project.  Join me for what I see as an opportunity to promote positive body image and support Gold Coast artist Jessi Fiveash as she pushes boundaries.