Contemporary visual artist Marnie Dean has been commissioned by the Goddess of Sacred Sex to create six energetically stunning pieces for the MENAT GODDESS COLLECTION.  These one off original necklets of stunning resonance are aligned with a specific goddess to bestow her vibration and energies upon the wearer.  There will only be one particular woman who feels her name called to purchase each piece. They are all simply stunning, never to be recreated and will become a family heirloom to be passed down from mother to daughter!  Is the goddess calling you?

ISHTAR NECKLET  –  A$900ishtar-necklet high res

47.5cm Necklet with two antique Afghani beads (approximately 2.5 x 2.5cm), artist designed – laser cut anodised metal panther head (approximately 4cm X 4.2cm). With 5 pyrite, 20 faceted red garnets, 2 Smokey quartz tear drops, 30 round lapis lazuli, 14 hematite gems accented with sterling silver and rolled gold (14-carat) Moroccan beads and 14-carat rolled gold S-Clasp (approximately 2.5cm in length). The Ishtar Necklet brings the power of the Ancient Goddess of Babylon — in her aspect as ‘Lady of the Beasts’ — to a modern woman. The piece comprises a laser cut, anodised, metal panther head, bejewelled with Pyrite and Smokey Quartz gems, which is hand beaded onto a necklet. The necklet also features Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Pyrite and Hematite crystals, together with two large antique beads from Afghanistan that are in-layed with Lapis Lazuli. The Gems and crystals in this piece are accented with silver and rolled gold (14 carat) beads from Morocco, which are secured together with a 14-carat rolled gold S-Clasp.

Like the venerated ‘ISHTAR GATE’ from which the design for this piece was inspired, the Ishtar Necklet pays homage to the qualities of the Goddess Ishtar. The gem Smokey Quartz brings the qualities of grounding and vitality to a person, it is said to be a stone of co-operation, providing stability through balancing mental and emotional expression. Its placement together with the pyrite crystal at the third-eye of the panther symbolises the wisdom gained by joining masculine and feminine principles. Pyrite is a stone said to carry the energy of the sacred masculine, when in balance with the feminine, the qualities of spiritual insight may be combined with the power of animal instinct, as the energy of the Goddess Ishtar as ‘The Lady of the Beasts’ represents. Balancing the male energy of pyrite in this necklet is the magnetic and feminine energy of Hematite, while the precious metal Silver has symbolically represented the feminine and Gold, the masculine. The Ishtar Necklet also includes the gems Garnet and Lapis Lazuli.  Red Garnet is a gem that is said to provide the freedom to express passion and love, it is also a stone of purity, purifying the blood and bringing purity to expression. Lapis Lazuli has a long association with the Goddess Ishtar; Priestesses of both Ishtar and Inanna wore garments made purely of Lapis Lazuli during ritual and ceremony. Indeed Lapis Lazuli shares the same hue as the famed Ishtar Gate and is believed to bestow clarity, foresight and spiritual wisdom. The Ishtar Necklet exemplifies the wisdom, balance and power of the Goddess Ishtar it is an adornment that represents unification and spiritual wisdom, manifested through animal power.


PEARLS OF VENUS  –  A$900Pearls of Venus

48cm Pearl strand with 40 silver, 6 pink and 2 white freshwater pearls; 4 pink tourmaline and 6 amethyst gems and sterling silver pendant and clasp. Pendant is approximately 6cm in length and 3.5cm in width.

Inspired by Botticelli’s depiction of the Goddess of Love, the Pearls of Venus embody the Goddesses sensual nature. The strand is comprised of 40 silver fresh water pearls (2mm nacre), six oblong shaped, pink fresh water pearls (3mm nacre), two large white freshwater pearls (3mm nacre) and 6 amethyst gems. The Strand is accented with Pink Tourmaline gems and sterling silver beads with a sterling silver toggle shell clasp and Venus pendant. The sterling silver Venus pendant was first hand built in clay, moulded in wax and caste in silver, it sits atop a sterling silver cylinder, which has been hand-beaten into receptacle shape, representing the goddess Venus’s power to receive.

Pearls are gifts from the ocean; they are the oldest known gem that have traditionally signified sexuality, innocence, purity, beauty and honesty. Pearls are said to stimulate femininity and promote the acceptance of one’s unique self. The combination of pearl with pink tourmaline and sterling silver produces a nurturing energy and the safe atmosphere needed to release fear. Pink Tourmaline is a stone of love and of the heart; it is gentle and watery in nature. Pink Tourmaline has a high content of lithium in its composition and as such, is helpful to cool the emotions, like pearl, it is a gem associated with femininity and enhancing creativity. Amethyst is a stone of protection that promotes intuition and spiritual awareness, it is calming and soothing providing a solid atmosphere to access higher knowledge. United in this unique strand, the gems and precious metals in the Pearls of Venus reflect the gentle power of self-acceptance and love that is the true power of Venus. The Goddess of love first practices self-love, before she opens herself to receive others. The Pearls of Venus epitomizes the sensual and embodied feminine, empowered with self-knowledge and acceptance that magnetically attracts that which is desired and beneficial—the power of love with freedom to create sensate experience.


MAGDALENE MENAT MALA  – A$1300Magdalene pendant

A 46cm hand-beaded Menat (collier) with Sterling Silver Pink Cubic Zirconia and White Topaz heart shaped enhancer (approximately 4cm X 4cm). The piece extends down to a 51cm drop with two Thai antique Silver beads, 1 Watermelon Tourmaline gem, 1 Pink Tourmaline gem, 14 Ruby gems, 24 Red Jade Crystals, 35 14-carat Yellow Rolled Gold beads, 144 Red Garnet gems and 4 antique Israeli silver beads. The piece is secured with a fancy Sterling Silver roped toggle clasp.

This is such a special piece, the gems for this piece were gathered in Fort Cochin in India when I was curating and exhibiting in the Kochi Muziris Biennale in 2012. Mary Magdalene is an archetype I have worked with for a long time, the body of work I produced during my Masters was also associated with her, and indeed the priestess lineage I was born into is (legend says) the legacy of the Magdalene. For me the Magdalene is the passionate and sexual feminine – a feminine that can fill her own cup through her deft creative abilities. She is more then the virgin or the whore, she represents the union of both and more – she is the maiden, the bride, the mother and the crone all at the same time with embodied knowledge and beauty. To represent this I chose a pink heart-shaped cubic zirconia and accented this with white topaz, those are clawset in silver with an under-carriage. Pink Cubic Zirconia has an energy that resonates with the planet Venus and plays a vital role in relationship and love in the earth. The stone combines the energies of the second, fourth and sixth chakras, bringing passion and balance to relationships and is especially powerful for the heart. It is a stone that emits a purely feminine energy – Pink Cubic Zirconia carries the energy of the sacred feminine in physical form, just like the Magdalene. Pink is the color of love for oneself and for others and pink zirconia conveys unconditional love for someone you care about, it is intuitively linked to tenderness and acceptance. It can strengthen the sense of self worth and self-acceptance – this heart shaped stone carries fire in it too – the reflected light represents the passion and hot juiciness that is the sensual and sexual nature of the Magdalene; it is a stone of fertility and creativity. White Topaz is a symbol of chastity, truth and forgiveness often the very qualities needed to heal the Magdalene archetype. White Topaz generates clear vision in the wearer and enhances the pink cubic zirconia’s fire, as it is also a stone of the planet Venus. Indeed the word Topaz has associations with the Sanskrit word ‘tapas’ meaning fire, it carries the feminine fire of the solar ray – accentuating the pink heart it surrounds.

The Magdalene Menat Mala has been beaded in traditional priestess form, like a priestess collar. Extending out from the centre heart are rows of deep red garnet. Red Garnet represents the blood of the Earth; it is connected to sexuality and feminine reproduction. It carries the female mystery of blood and healing properties to assist with fertility, creativity and the awareness of feelings. Garnet grounds spirit forces within the body and helps in the ability to work lovingly in the physical world. It is a stone with primordial feminine fire, representing the creation of the world out of chaos, purification and love. Garnet is the stone of the sacred prostitute – an archetypal form of Mary Magdalene. The garnet is accented with both sterling silver antique Indian beads and 14-carat yellow rolled gold beads (representing the union of male and female), together with Ruby, Watermelon and Pink Tourmaline. Ruby is a precious gemstone known as the Queen of Gemstones. It carries the energies of the galactic solar feminine initiating the sensual pleasures of life. It stirs the blood and stimulates the heart, encouraging one to enjoy being in the physical world and being a woman. It increases desire and sexual energy, and may be used to activate the kundalini.  Ruby has always been associated with love, especially faithful passionate commitment and closeness. Watermelon and Pink Tourmaline also represent the feminine polarity of love, inner and outer, watermelon tourmaline carries the balance of the male and female – after all that is the intention of the Magdalene archetype to bring about healing through reunion with the masculine. These gentle stones carry the feminine energy of water balancing the feminine fire. The piece is finished with faceted red jade gems. Red Jade brings forward the energy of the warrior. It is a talisman of individual power and will, dispelling the fear, worry and doubt that may hold one back, and urges one to take action. It is a stone of physical vitality, strength and passion, stimulating the Life-Force energy and assisting one to manifest in the physical plane. Together with the other gems in this special piece, Red Jade promotes the reunion of the male and female within the self – REUNION represents the methodology of the Magdalene, she uses the internal connection of her masculine and feminine to create in the physical world and she is capable of both isolated solitude and passionate conjugation. The Magdalene Menat Mala symbolizes the same feminine fortune in balance and with love; like the Magdalene this piece is an ambassador of the sacred feminine.


MOMMA GAIA WAMPUM  –  A$800Moma gaia wompa

53cm hand-beaded necklace with Agate Geode pendant (approximately 7.5cm length X 5cm height) and fancy beaded garnet, strawberry quartz and Smokey quartz design, with 2 Smokey quartz drop gems, 8 faceted round strawberry quartz gems, 25 faceted red garnet gems, 54 faceted round Green Aventurine crystals, two antique Thai silver beads, accented with 14-carat yellow rolled gold beads, secured with large sterling silver toggle clasp.

Wampum is traditionally a short, beaded necklace. The Momma Gaia Wampum is a long beaded adornment that celebrates mother earth in the form of the Goddess Gaia. The piece features a large, semi-faceted, Green Agate Geode, set in silver. Geodes in general are known to have very strong powers. Geodes are believed to be able to help see the ‘whole perspective’ and to see situations from different viewpoints, like the Goddess Gaia; they hold both the macro and the micro concepts of reality. Agate geodes are also believed to be able to help shape someone’s future, there is nothing more pertinent to everyone’s future then the ground we walk on – our planet earth or ‘MOMMA GAIA’ – the goddess is the all.

The necklace celebrates the ground of being that ‘MOMMA GAIA’ holds for every person and encourages a strong relationship with the earth. Beside the large agate are two teardrop Smokey Quartz gems. Smokey Quartz is known as the strongest grounding stone, its energy’s align with the stabilizing and abundance of the physical world and help keep one grounded, with the support of the earth. Red Garnet stimulates our receptivity to abundance; the earth can provide everything we need if we are open to receiving. Red Garnet is the blood of the Goddess Gaia, the rich nectar that helps sustain life. Together with Strawberry Quartz, both gems not only support physical life, they help bring the energy to make life flourish, to blossom and bloom and love. The necklace also features Green Aventurine. Green Aventurine is known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth, or for increasing favour in competitions or games of chance. Green Aventurine has a ‘winning’ energy, which when grounded and directed, can help sustain our physical life in richness. The necklace also features both yellow gold and sterling silver, as the earth or MOMMA GAIA carries both polarities with yellow gold representing the masculine and sterling silver representing the feminine – its about bringing balance, grounding and full awareness to the physical world and celebrating the microcosm in the macrocosm which sustains all life. This piece celebrates the inter-connection of all life on planet earth as guided, sustained, protected and venerated by MOMMA GAIA.


HATHOR COLLIER  –  A$1200Hathor collier

43cm hand beaded Collier with drop extension 58cm in length and sterling silver Hathor pendant in-layed with Lapis Lazuli (approximately 5cm X 4cm) suspended on hand beaten sterling silver cylinder, featuring two hand-made sterling silver beads, 6 antique Tibetan silver beads, one sterling silver, oval, bezel set Iolite gem pendant (approximately 3cm X 1cm), 14 faceted Iolite gems, 4 turquoise beads, 8 Howlite crystals, two Lapis Lazuli gems, 20 round faceted amethyst gems, accented with 14-carat rolled gold beads, secured with fancy sterling silver toggle clasp.

Hathor is the Goddess of Ecstasy and the celestial Milky Way and this collier rejoices in the feminine bounty this goddess brings. Hathor ‘the cow’ has celestial milk or amrita flowing from her breasts – this is achieved through the union of the male and female, represented as both gold and silver precious metals in this work. Hathor was also known as ‘The Lady of Turquoise’, as indeed this piece features Turquoise gems. Turquoise, for thousands of years, has spanned all cultures, prized as a symbol of wisdom, nobility and with the power of immortality, it allows one access to divine truth and the knowledge to communicate this truth with grace. The Goddess is herself adorned with Lapis Lazuli, in layed in the clay-built, wax carved, sterling silver caste pendant. Lapis Lazuli gives one the ability to perceive the celestial heavens, it is a stone associated with the Third-eye and higher chakras. It promotes connection to the divine and spirituality to the wearer. Together, Turquoise with Lapis promotes the perception and communication of the divine, via a natural, upward movement of kundalini energy. The use of the crystal Howlite in this piece ensures that any movement of the kundalini is calm and in accordance with the natural metabolism of the wearer, it provides gentleness and soothing to sustain ecstatic states. The upward movement of the kundalini together with the inner conjoining of the male and female is said to help a person reach ecstasy, as the gems in this piece support this process, so is the use of the gem stone Iolite essential to this process. Iolite is a semi-precious gem that stimulates inner-vision and grounded psychic awareness. Iolite is the gem-quality blue or blue-violet variety of cordierite, its name ‘Iolite’ is derived from the Greek word ios, meaning “violet,” as well as dichroite, Greek for “two-colored rock” and the root of the word dichroic, meaning a gem that displays two colors. Iolite exhibits both the violet and the blue rays. The Vikings used Iolite in thin slices, as polarizing filters, allowing them to look directly at the sun and use its location in the sky to navigate the open seas. In this sense the dichroic quality of the gem, also promotes polarization in the wearer – assisting the internal balance of male and female, with a concentration on this connection at the sixth chakra, assisting a person to develop the inner-wisdom to hold ecstasy. This gem allows one the access to navigate the heavens from the earth plane, bringing spirit into matter, connecting humankind to ‘otherworlds’ worlds with ecstatic consciousness. The celestial energy of Iolite blends perfectly with Amethyst, to represent Hathor. Amethyst is a stone of protection, repelling negativity while maintaining higher states of awareness. Amethyst brings the creative abilities to this piece and represents Hathor’s ability to create and manifest using ecstasy as her tool, she gave birth to the Milky Way from the amrita flowing from her chest. Amethyst is a wonderful talisman for use in the creative arts, especially in darker shades. It assists endeavors where new, original results need to be created. It is often used as the Artist’s Stone, the Composer’s Stone, the Inventor’s, Poet’s and Painter’s Stones. The Hathor Collier mixes gems and precious metals to assist in holding the balance, wisdom and vision necessary to achieve ecstasy, while also being able to create new beautiful forms when in this state. Like the Goddess Hathor, it is an adornment that celebrates feminine spirituality with a regal flair that is nurturing and innovative.


QUAN YIN LOTUS ADORNMENT  –  A$1200Quan Yin lotus adornment

49.5cm double-stranded, hand-beaded necklace with drop extension measuring 56cm (including pendant) and a carved Green Jade pendant featuring the Goddess Quan Yin seated in Lotus position (approximately 3.8cm X 2.5cm). The necklace comprises 11 (small) faceted Pink Tourmaline gems, 5 round, faceted Watermelon Tourmaline gems, 114 round faceted Fluorite gems, two faceted round Green Quartz gems and two large faceted, oval-shaped rutilated Prehnite crystals (approximately 1.5cm X 1cm), accented with 42 14-carat rolled gold beads, secured with 14-carat rolled yellow gold S-Clasp.

The Quan Yin Lotus Adornment is a piece that is fluid and floats seamlessly around the neck, yet is strong and a very structured work. Like the Goddess of Compassion this piece carries the gentleness, stillness, discipline and strength of endurance Quan Yin portrays. The necklace flows down to a carved green jade depiction of the Goddess seated in Lotus position. Green Jade is a stone of the heart it radiates unconditional love. Jade is a symbol of serenity and purity, signifying the wisdom gathered in meditative tranquility like the Goddess herself. A protective stone, Jade keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony.  The Green Jade Quan Yin Pendant has been placed in close proximity to the watermelon and pink tourmaline beads. Watermelon Tourmaline is the strongest stone to encourage self-love, while pink tourmaline opens the heart to spread this love with others. Together the three gems summon up the deepest beatitudes of the heart and bring overwhelming compassion to self and others. The pendant is accented and balanced with two large prehnite beads. These beads also contain rutile or titanium dioxide– a strong protective energy, while prehnite is another stone that reinforces unconditional love. Prehnite is said to connect to the archangel Raphael, it enhances inner knowledge, showing the path forward to spiritual growth through attunement to heart energy. Prehnite connects the will and the heart, in so doing one’s actions attains the highest good – it carries the feminine wisdom and love of the goddess Quan Yin.

The piece is completed with beautiful faceted fluorite gems and accented with yellow rolled gold beads and S-Clasp. The Chinese have used the gem Fluorite in carvings for over 300 years, like Quan Yin and green jade, it is a stone with a strong cultural connection with ancient and modern China. Fluorite is said to absorb and neutralize negative vibrations. It makes one more receptive to the vibrations of other stones, in this case allowing the user to open to the strong heart energies of the surrounding gems.  Fluorite is said to allow one to access the discipline needed to dispel negative thoughts and to continue practices that promote self-love, it can hold the energy of ‘tough’ love when needed, bringing the knowledge of responsibility with love. Quan Yin is traditionally a mother goddess of compassion – this piece holds that strong ‘yin’ energy of the goddess and is balanced through the use of yellow gold in the piece which holds the giving energy (masculine) of the heart. The Quan Yin lotus Adornment represents the complexities of real love, compassion, empathy and peacefulness and its benevolent emission through the heart.


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Marnie Dean is a contemporary visual artist and curator who traditionally works with new media, installation, painting, sculpture, video, animation and jewelry making. The jewelry pieces Marnie creates are one-off artisan objects d’art that are hand-constructed using assemblage, beading and gold and silver-smithing techniques. Marnie continues to explore her feminist interests through the idea of adornment as a form of empowerment, celebrating and encouraging the emancipation that female embodiment can bring. Marnie was born into the Chaldee Druid Priestess lineage and she has used her arts practice to continue to explore her cultural roots together with her cross-cultural life experiences. The Menat Collection takes its name from the ancient object belonging to the Temple Dancers from Egypt. The Menat was a sacred ritual object adorning the neck as a symbol of feminine divinity. Commissioned by her good friend the GoSS, this collection of works celebrates the history of the sacred feminine through the representation of mythological and archetypal Goddesses, borrowing inspiration from the past – for women of the present to celebrate their own individuality and femininity. Marnie Dean continues to lecture, curate and exhibit her work internationally; she is currently undertaking a residency with Kalanirvana Creatives at the Salarjung Museum in Hyderabad, the State Gallery of Andhra Pradesh, India.

If any of these pieces speak to you and you would like to know more about the particulars, I can connect you with the artist Marnie Dean who is a priestess of the goddess.  Just make contact with me, Kerri at and I will connect her with you directly.  These necklets are created in sacred space and are an investment in the beauty of the goddess. You will be purchasing a one-off artisan original that will bring you her sacred energy forever.