Shadow of the Goddess flier oct2 PART WORKSHOP OVER 3 WEEKS 

being offered on Mt Tamborine, Queensland, Australia

Throughout history the dark goddesses have existed in order to hold the balance between the dark and the light. Goddesses such as Kali, Hecate, Sekhmet, Lilith and the hag all provide us with their stories so that we can relate to the shadow within our own depths. Their myths hold archetypal journeys which reflect back to us our very own behaviours, giving us understanding and showing us how we are able to heal. When we seek the counsel of the dark goddess, we seek transformation – death to the old by honouring its existence before being reborn to the new.

But what is our shadow, whose attributes Jung describes as the unknown ‘‘dark side’’ of our personality –- dark because it tends to include our raw primitive emotions such as anger or rage, lust, power, selfishness, greed and envy. These emotions can see us engage in behaviours such as promiscuous sex, illicit drug taking, alcohol abuse, lies, eating disorders, bad parenting, despair, codependency, crime, depression, shame or even madness. Whatever we deem evil, inferior or unacceptable and deny in ourselves becomes part of the shadow and oftentimes because of our inability to identify it, we disown and project it onto others so as to avoid confronting it in ourselves.

The Goddesses

Morrigain_by_LeValeurThe dark goddesses we will work with in this workshop include:

  • Kali
  • The Morrighan
  • Lilith
  • Hecate
  • Sekhmet
  • Inanna / Ereshkigal
  • The Crone
  • Bone Mother / Hag

Each of these goddesses represents a shadow or underworld aspect that will help mirror to you behaviours or beliefs that you can identify in yourself.  We will invite them to journey with us to reveal their secrets and offer their healing.

Which one speaks to you already??

The Workshop

This workshop will include two components – a personal journey with your selection of goddess one week beforehand and then a full day workshop of teaching and sharing and ritual and healing.

Part I

You will choose one goddess to work with and then be required to create an altar to that goddess and call in her energy to work with. I will provide you with instructions on how to create and tend your altar and then two weeks before the workshop you will call that goddess to enter into your life. Through prayers and summoning, you will create a relationship with goddess wherein She will reveal over the coming fortnight, aspects of yourself that you have yet to meet. I will provide you with my personal notes on your particular goddess in order that you understand Her story. You will also be asked to make time to enter into a meditative space each day to connect with your goddess at altar and invoke her energies into your life.

Please note this is powerful work we do when we summon the goddess to work with us and it is not to be undertaken lightly. When we call her, She comes. Know that when we work with the shadow we uncover aspects of ourselves that like the hag herself, are hideous and which cause us our deepest pain. Make sure before you embark on this journey that you wish to go there, for when you summon any of the dark goddesses into your life, be prepared for the walls to come crashing down and for radical change to be wrought in your life. Do not undertake this work lightly and do not disrespect the power of the dark goddess by not committing to this journey with heart and soul. If you do not feel ready for this work at this time, then don’t do it. There is work to be done here and you will need to give it your full commitment, but the upside is that it can be drastically life changing, unearthing nuggets of awareness that can offer freedom and healing around issues that have limited and constricted your growth for years. What level of energy you invest into this journey will be reflected in the results that you achieve at the end.

sekhmet3Part II

On Sunday 19 October we will hold a full day of teaching and sharing and ritual at a property on Mt Tamborine. We will commence the teachings in the morning and you will bring to circle the shadow information that is revealed to you during the preceding fortnight. We will undertake a number of processes during the day, breaking for lunch for which you are asked to bring a plate to share. We will work with the elements and participate in a ritual underworld journey where we will meet the goddess, surrender and release to her our shadow, before spiralling back to the surface and rebirth.


Know that while this workshop will take place over a period of 3 weeks, the goddess does not work to our calendar. When you summon Her, she may need to reveal aspects that take many months to uncover and so this is an opportunity to commence a process that will unfold more fully in time.

Date of workshop: Sunday 19 October on Mt Tamborine (details given beforehand)
Cost: Early bird price $166 up until 19 September
Full price: $188 after 19 September
Deadline for all payments by Friday 26 September (payments are non-refundable)
Date to begin the journey and create your altar: Friday 26 September

Bank information:
BSB: 814 282
Account: 30609993
Name: Kerri Ryan
Bank: Credit Union Australia

Numbers will be limited for this life changing journey, so make payment early to secure your place and then email me at advising of your payment together with an email address, the goddess you choose to work with and a contact phone number.

ereshkigal-e1285443372121Cost Includes:    Information and instructions to set up your altar and prayers to summon and work with your goddess of choice one week before. attendance.  A full day of teaching and ritual on Mt Tamborine.  A take home workbook including the information covered on the day and suggestions for ongoing work with the goddess.

What you need to bring:    A water bottle; a plate of healthy lunch to share with everyone; a journal for writing in; ritual clothes (more information on this later for attendees)

Contact:    Kerri Ryan
0417 934 788
PO Box 5124, West End  Q  4101

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IMG_0876Kerri Ryan is a woman of goddess, an international workshop facilitator, speaker, writer and author teaching and sharing on sacred sexuality, the goddess and the divine feminine.  She is a qualified kundalini and chakra dance facilitator teaching through the medium of dance how to awaken and utilise kundalini and shakti energy.  She is an initiated Priestess of the Goddess with the Order of the Pomegranate Grove and offers a 13 month journey in priestess training entitled Path of the Priestess.  She wrote her masters thesis on HIEROS GAMOS: Sacred Sexuality Ancient and Modern”.

As a speaker she has been interviewed for American and Canadian radio and magazines and presented workshops for numerous organisations including GAIA, School of Shamanic Midwifery, Bayside Red Tent and Women’s Wellbeing.  In 2012 she presented on sacred sexuality at the Goddess Spirit Rising Conference in Malibu, California.  She has published numerous articles in national magazines and is currently publishing her first book on the channelled memories of a past lifetime as a priestess, entitled “Mandipa, Priestess of Ishtar”.