Those of you who’ve read my previous blogs will know of my attachment to crystal Chakrubs and ever since I purchased my first original rose quartz, I have turned my back on traditional plastic or rubber battery operated products.  Why?  Well because I’m all about the sacred feminine and sacred sexuality and crystals are naturally vibrating energetic beings that you can program to support your alignment with a specific outcome.  An example of what I mean would be if you were opening to greater pleasure after healing from a past traumatic relationship then you would choose the Black Onyx crystal, firstly for its properties that help guard against negativity and further because Black Onyx is known to assist in overcoming past relationships by promoting stable sexual health.  Then you would program your crystal with a healing intention to clear any negativity in the yoni and womb as you use it.

Rose Quartz promotes self love; the Orange Aventurine pertains to criticism and self doubt; the Indigo promotes inner strength; Green Jade helps release old patterns and the White Jade brings serenity and self realisation.  Each of the crystals contain various different properties and when combined with a programmed intention for healing and opening, you are supporting a more holistic sexual experience.

OnyxGo to my previous blog to see all the different properties associated with each of the crystal types so that you may choose the one most appropriate for you.  (please note that the prices quoted in that blog are not correct and you will in fact find them now reduced):  https://serpentlillith.wordpress.com/2013/12/22/chakrubs-sacred-self-pleasuring/?preview=true&preview_id=848&preview_nonce=cfb0e5fe11&post_format=standard

Chakrubs were also created to align with and open the energetic chakra centres within the body.  The name ‘Chakrubs’ derives from the word Chakra, a Sanskrit term describing energy wheels. When we create an intentional practice with Chakrubs we learn how to quiet the mind in order to feel the subtle energies of the chakras that assist in developing emotional intelligence, strengthen self-awareness, and awaken the different properties associated with each chakra.

Go to a previous blog of mine to read information on how to program your crystal Chakrub: https://goddessofsacredsex.com/2013/07/01/crystal-chakrubs-sacred-sex-toys/

cak__99317_1396889974_195_195Chakrubs come in two different sizes.  The original three have a wider girth and they are only available in Rose Quartz, White Lotus and Black Onyx.  The cost on those each is US$150 each.  Because there was a call for a thinner version, Vanessa, the creator of Chakrubs arranged with her supplier to produce a slimmer wand in different crystal properties and the cost for these will range between US$75 and US$95.  You are also able to purchase a two item set for a considerable discount.

All of these Chakrubs are available from this website http://www.chakrubs.com/chakrubs/ where if you insert the word “goddess” in the coupon box at the checkout, you will receive a 10% discount off the stated price.

Pair_2__99753_1399148637_195_195You can be assured of the high quality of these 100% crystal wands as they are sourced from the original uncut stone and never used before for any other purpose.

Chakrubs shows us that we can become aware of the immense bliss that is at our fingertips if we choose to break through and heal the energetic blocks and old ways of thinking that can limit our sexual experiences.