The Goddess of Sacred Sex

Shadow of the Goddess flier oct2 PART WORKSHOP OVER 3 WEEKS 

being offered on Mt Tamborine, Queensland, Australia

Throughout history the dark goddesses have existed in order to hold the balance between the dark and the light. Goddesses such as Kali, Hecate, Sekhmet, Lilith and the hag all provide us with their stories so that we can relate to the shadow within our own depths. Their myths hold archetypal journeys which reflect back to us our very own behaviours, giving us understanding and showing us how we are able to heal. When we seek the counsel of the dark goddess, we seek transformation – death to the old by honouring its existence before being reborn to the new.

But what is our shadow, whose attributes Jung describes as the unknown ‘‘dark side’’ of our personality –- dark because it tends to include our raw primitive emotions such as anger or rage, lust, power, selfishness…

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