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wombAll of us are born from the womb of our mothers and as women we hold the magical ability to also create new life. Have you ever really thought about the divinity of the act of creation?  Like the goddess herself, you hold the template to nurture and grow another being right from the flesh and fertility of your own body.  That is truly incredible to ponder.  Your womb is the wellspring from which all creativity and life force emanates.  It is your centre, your home, your strong rooted foundation, the rock upon which the very essence of life is built.  Yes we need the masculine to fertilise our creation but in matriarchal times of the goddess, this ability to bring forth new life was revered and honoured and the basis of society for more thousands of years than history can tell us.

The images of the Great Mother Goddess come to us from the distant past, so many of which exhibit the voluptuous bodies of fertile women. With pronounced breasts, hips and vulva slits, there is no doubt that sexuality and fertility were the very feminine traits upon which life was centred.  The Venus of Hohle Fels is an Upper Paleolithic figurine hewn from ivory of a mammoth tusk found in 2008 in Germany. It is dated to between 35,000 and 40,000 years of age and is the oldest undisputed example of human prehistoric art yet discovered. This little figurine is only 10cm tall, but it clearly shows that it is the feminine form that has been revered by our ancestors and the fertility and creative aspects of her body that have been worshipped by both men and women alike.

Hohle Fels Venus

Hohle Fels Venus

Like many women, I have not paid too much attention to my womb energies. Never having had children, I have not experienced the creation of new life in the traditional sense.  Yes I have given birth to projects and artistic creations and been creative in the world, but I never utilised and connected with my womb in a conscious manner in order to tap into this font of wisdom and knowledge.  That was until recently when I heard the call.  Everywhere I looked there was suddenly information or meditations or workshops coming into my awareness and so I took note and began to investigate.  What I found was that the womb is deeply connected to our sexual energy and I’m all about sacred sexuality.

yoni 1So much has been written about the yoni (the sacred Hindu term for vagina) and awakening her sexual energy, and of course the yoni is the sacred channel or pathway that connects us more deeply into the womb space. We must journey past the vulva lips, the clitoris, the sacred spot, and the cervix on our way to connect with, reclaim, enliven and open the womb. For many women, we carry energetic wounding from abusive relationships, rape or incest or even from numerous sexual partners where there was no love, from abortions or miscarriages or traumatic child births. This whole area of our body retains an energetic imprint of any negativity experienced and this creates blockages to the free flow of our creative life force energy and indeed our sexual pleasure. As we deepen into our divine feminine nature, we come to understand that before we can fully open physically and energetically, we must release, heal and clear all emotional and physical blocks and beliefs that no longer serve us. When these blocks are cleared, the heart opens, sexuality and heart reconnect, and the natural flow of the life force, the kundalini shakti, the flow of orgasmic energy is restored in the body, like stones being removed from a dammed up stream.

womb 2Once this is achieved a woman can open fully into her womb power, the infinite source, the portal that connects her to the divine feminine, the portal that connects her to the power of the earth womb and the cosmic womb. Here is the place of infinite creative potential, where all things come from and go back to, birth and death, the cycles of life, the infinite potential of the Great Mother. Opening to this place, you will discover that the womb offers a feeling of deep inner connectedness, a feeling of being deeply grounded in the woman self, in the body, a place of feeling centred in and from the womb and connected to the deep wisdom that is the divine feminine expression of the goddess. A cleared and healed womb pulses and experiences orgasmic waves at a new depth, claiming pleasure as her birth rite. From this place she does not need to seek love outside herself for she is the source of love. From this place of deep connection with the womb space, her authentic voice speaks and she flows with the embodied mystery of life.

The sacred feminine doesn’t need to be awakened, for she has never gone anywhere. She has not been suppressed or victimised. She is not weak or been forced into submission. It is the disconnection from her that is the source of feminine disempowerment in both men and women. Her full force, power and love has always been there, loving us, calling us to remember and welcome her home.

And as my own womb awakens, so I have been called to this work; to offer healing and reconnection to women who seek to clear the energetic residue from past negative experiences. I am offering in person sessions or on-line sessions to assist women to clear blocks and patterns and beliefs that prevent them from owning and accessing their wise womb space. Please make contact with me if you would like some advice and assistance on clearing your yoni and womb space and accessing your creative power and orgasmic potential.

In love and service of the goddess.