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A full lunar month online journey travelling with the dark goddess

The shadow contains all the parts of ourselves that we try to hide, deny or suppress. It is the keeper of all the aspects of ourselves that we dislike and the qualities that we judge as unacceptable.  Jung, calls it our ‘‘dark side’’–- dark because it tends to include our raw primitive emotions such as anger or rage, lust, power, laziness, selfishness, greed and envy.  These emotions can see us engage in behaviours such as promiscuous sex, illicit drug taking, alcohol abuse, lies, eating disorders, bad parenting, despair, codependency, crime, depression, shame or even madness. Whatever we deem evil, inferior or unacceptable and deny in ourselves becomes part of the shadow and oftentimes because of our inability to identify it, we disown and project it onto others so as to avoid the confrontation within.  Most of us are convinced that we are flawed and inadequate so we become masters of disguise and go to great lengths to hide our bad qualities from those around us – even from ourselves.

Whilst we are taught from a very young age to avoid the dark, that it’s sinful and always to seek out the light, the Goddess on the other hand, like nature herself, understands that the shadow is an essential part of the whole and just like night follows day and the moon wanes from full to dark, we too cycle between shadow and light.  The dark goddesses such as Kali, Ereshkigal, Hecate, Lilith and the hag all provide us with their stories so that we can relate to the shadow within our own depths.  When we seek the counsel of the dark goddess, we seek transformation – death to the old by honouring and owning its existence and then acceptance and healing before integration and being reborn to the new.

The Goddesses



The dark goddesses we will work with in this workshop:

  • Kali the Hindu mother goddess, destroyer of the ego
  • The Morrighan the Celtic goddess of death, battle, strife, and fertility
  • Lilith represents the shadow side of feminine sexuality
  • Sekhmet Egyptian warrior goddess of destruction
  • Hekate the threefold Moon Goddess connected with feminine independence
  • Inanna / Ereshkigal Inanna, Queen of Heaven & Earth journeys to meet her sister Ereshkigal, Queen of the underworld
  • The Croneshe is the dark of the moon, the hidden one, scorned and reviled
  • Bone Mother / Hagher bony grasp leads you to transformation and rebirth

Each of these goddesses represents a shadow or underworld aspect that will help mirror to you behaviours or beliefs that you can identify in yourself.  We will invite them to journey with us to reveal their secrets and offer their healing.

Which one speaks to you already??

We will begin the journey together on the dark of the moon December 22nd and I will hold space for a full lunar month. You will choose which goddess to work with and receive via email throughout the month written information and instructions, voice meditations and video clips to guide you on an underworld journey which will see you recognise and face your shadow, learn how to integrate the behaviours and love back to wholeness the parts of you that are presently hidden in the dark.



How this course is structured

Whilst this course will cover the Christmas / New Year break and you may think you do not have enough time to devote to the work, know that this is a great time to observe your shadow behaviours in the close confines of family and friends that can often bring out our best and worst.  Also many will be on holidays and have more time than usual to research and create their shadow altar.  We actually invoke the shadow goddess for the first time at altar on 6 January when the bulk of the festivities are over.  The preceding two weeks are about preparation, research and creation of your altar.

This is an amazing opportunity to start the new year with a clean slate, releasing the shadow behaviours that limit and block you in life and making a fresh beginning for empowered and conscious awareness.

The first step is to choose a shadow goddess to journey with.

We will all begin on the dark moon of 22 December 2014 which is also summer / winter solstice (depending on which hemisphere) and the most extreme of light or dark ready to shift into the opposite direction and providing perfect energies to support this work.

Part I

You will receive your first instructions to begin working with your goddess.  In this first two weeks you will become familiar with your goddess, learn her stories and myths, find her symbols and animals and collect the items necessary to create your altar from which you will invoke her.  I will provide you with instructions on how to assemble and tend your altar and best make use of this fortnight before invocation to become aware of your shadow behaviours, and help you to uncover the beliefs and activities that can run your life, often quite unconsciously.  This will familiarise you with your goddess and allow you to begin the relationship that will support an underworld journey where you will heal and love back to wholeness those hidden aspects of self.

Part II



Then on the full moon of 5 January 2015 we will invoke your goddess.  I will provide you with prayers of invocation and then with a waning moon, two weeks before the dark, you will call in her energy to work with you.  Through prayers and summoning, you will create a relationship with goddess wherein She will reveal over the coming fortnight aspects of yourself that you have yet to meet.  You will also be required to do some writing and answer some questions so that you fully engage with your goddess during that time.

Please note this is powerful work we do when we summon the goddess to work with us and it is not to be undertaken lightly.  When we call her, She comes.  Know that when we work with the shadow we uncover aspects of ourselves that like the hag herself, are hideous and which cause us our deepest pain.  Make sure before you embark on this journey that you wish to go there, for when you summon any of these goddesses, be prepared for radical changes to be wrought in your life.

Part III

On the weekend of the dark of the moon I will forward you two recordings which will be guided meditations.  The first will bring you face to face with your shadow.  There will be some written exercises to complete and then the second guided meditation will see you descend into the underworld to meet your dark goddess.  This will complete a process which will help you to not only recognise your main shadow behaviours, but give you tools to integrate and make conscious the limiting power of your shadow.

Other information

When we work with the shadow be prepared to face those aspects of yourself that you may not even be aware of.  Know that while this workshop will take place over a full lunar month, the goddess does not work to our calendar.  When you summon Her, she may need to reveal aspects that take many months to uncover and so this is an opportunity to commence a process that will unfold more fully in time.

Cost:   A$88 by Paypal

Payment:    Must be received by 15 December

Date of workshop:     Workshop begins on dark moon of 22 December 2014

Date to create altar:   Full Moon – Monday 5 January 2015

Date to descend:     Dark Moon – Tuesday 20 January 2014

Email information:   Once you have made your payment, you will need to email me at goddessofsacredsex@gmail.com and advise me 2 things:

  1. Which goddess you are going to journey with
  2. Your preferred email contact address

Cost includes:   

  • Information and instructions to research your goddess’ stories and myths;
  • Instructions to set up your altar;
  • Prayers to summon and invoke your goddess of choice for two weeks before your underworld descent;
  • Guided meditations;
  • Exercises to help clarify shadow behaviours;
  • A full colour workbook including information on all the shadow goddesses and suggestions for ongoing work with your shadow.

Contact:      Kerri Ryan  goddessofsacredsex@gmail.com  0417 934 788






From the moment I agreed to attend this workshop my shadow self emerged ready to be acknowledged and understood. What an honest and in depth self exploration this journey with the Shadow Goddess was and shall continue to be. There is something incredibly powerful about sharing space with a collective of other empowered women embracing their truth. Under the loving and humble guidance of Kerri Ryan I have emerged from this workshop freely embracing, understanding and integrating my shadow aspects into my life without judgment for the first time in my life. Thank you Keri for creating a space for women to freely celebrate themselves and one another. Blessings xoxo

Beth Fitzgerald

I want to thank you for your unabashed authenticity. Your trust and faith in self and Goddess, infiltrates your teachings and sets a rare and beautiful example to us all. Thank you for creating a space for us to connect with the Goddess in a tangible and life altering way that is also nourishing for the soul. The workshop was and will continue to be an amazing adventure.

Blessed be


Kerri, thank you so much for your beautiful workshop today. An awesome opportunity to laugh and cry with old and new sistars, and to experience your work again. A very well thought out and detailed workshop, which has brought healing and peace to me already as I made the first decision to honour my promise to myself. Beautiful to set this as an intent at the new moon…it was also amazingly informative given your extensive study of the goddesses and their roles. I really enjoyed the entire workshop, from start to finish – and noone’s ever said I am easy to keep entertained. Thank you also to the lovely women who helped you hold the space so effectively. I very much look forward to your next workshop as I think there is a deeper layer every time. Thanks once again:-) Scarlett SF

Dear Kerri, I found the process today to be very clever, not knowing how each step would affect the next. I learned a lot, without feeling like I was being taught at. Such very impactful work. Thank you.

Mina Hunt

I found this workshop to be extremely eye opening with regard to my shadow behaviours.  Some of them I was aware of, some came to me in the preparation beforehand and some were revealed on the day.  And it continues to be a huge awakening.  I feel that I have been able to integrate better the light and dark sides of myself and know that there are so many blessings from both.  Thankyou so much Kerri for your wisdom, truth and love and to all the women present for sharing their experiences with their shadow and the dark goddesses.  I am so happy that I experienced this amazing workshop.

Michelle Barsby


For those wanting some further help with clearing and becoming aware of shadow behaviours, why not make contact with me personally or via Skype in a one-on-one session that will help reveal a deeper understanding of the current issues.

One on One sessions