Perhaps you are one of these Incarnates of Aphrodite. I am always meeting women who remember lifetimes as priestesses in the temple and they are being called to offer their voices and hands and hearts once more to the celebration of the goddess. Perhaps you are one too?


Incarnates of Aphrodite

As the balance of the inner Divine Masculine and Feminine stabilizes, there is a seemingly unusual breed of women coming to light. I say unusual, but I find her to be quiet usual, and fantastic. I have had the honor of meeting and loving a few of the Divine deLights via our many travels and open hearts and they continue to appear from the mists into our reality. Thank you Goddess for bringing me close to sisters who know and understand this flame that burns with in my depth!

I have found these women to all be creative and artistic, with a strong personality and intoxicating sense of humor. The laughter of one of these magical creatures is said to strum the strings of even the coolest hearts.
We love to see and be seen; to perform and transfer energies of joy, laughter and sensuality through music…

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