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prayer-handsIf you are seeking great change in your life at present and wish to embark on a path which involves a shifting of your energies into new modes of operation, or perhaps releasing and surrendering into a new vision that you have for yourself, then ritual is a powerful tool to achieve this.  There are all sorts of rituals; a morning ritual of washing your face and brushing your teeth is one, but when we wish to invoke spirit into our lives we call upon the sacred as has been done in many cultures down through the ages by performing certain common acts.  Sacred ritual has long been used to focus our energies in order that we may open a doorway to the divine and petition the gods and goddesses to act in our lives.  You may call these higher powers god or goddess or angels or source or universe or whatever has meaning for you, it does not matter at all.  As a priestess of goddess, I call on Her, but I could just as equally call on my higher self to help generate this power for change in my life.

When I decided to shift the whole of my life into a new way of living and earning money which included traveling and living abroad, I knew it would take some powerful juju to help me manifest the changes that I decided upon.  I wanted to quit my day job as a secretary, while still being able to cover my mortgage, but be guided as to how I would earn money in a different way where I was my own boss and on my own time.  I had a list of things I wanted to achieve, and this is the first thing I would like you to do, that is to write down a definitive statement of what it is you want to bring about in this new empowered version of your life that you see yourself living.

And so back to ritual.  Ritual has more power the more times we perform it.  It also has to take a particular form that gets repeated over and over again, essentially the same.  It is like sending a voice to petition the sacred and where one voice heard once is good, but done over and over again, day after day, soon you’ve got a whole choir going and they get louder and louder and the intent is affirmed again and again both to yourself and to who you are petitioning.  What I am essentially talking about is creating a prayer 14572961_1118717891552603_5327210246850911053_nwhere you employ a couple of elements that seem to work well together and create an impact.  I came to understand the power of asking for what I wanted, and that spirit or guides and angels, higher self, gods and goddesses etc, can’t just intercede in your life without your asking, they need to be invited to help.  We live in a world of free choice and there is no one interfering from spirit unless we ask and invite them to do so.

And so back to the ritual.  I made a commitment each morning to get up, whether I wanted to or not, in order to prove to goddess that I was worthy and responsible to take on the new tasks and responsibilities that I was invoking.  Another aspect of ritual is candles and incense.  The church has not used them for millennia because they look pretty and smell good.  No, lighting a candle is an act of bringing in the light, or spirit, into your space.  Burning an incense is about using the smoke to clear away stagnant energy in a room and clears a space in order that higher energies may be present.  And so each morning I would wake at a certain hour, and before the light of dawn is best when the world is still and quiet, and I would light a candle on my altar (creation of altar to be described in another post) and burn an incense.  These simple acts are the basis of many, many rituals.  Then I would sit quietly and still my mind, doing some simple breathing exercises to ground through my base chakra and breathe energy awake in all of my chakras and out through the crown.

Then the first thing I would do is express gratitude and give thanks.  It is a well-known spiritual tool that to give gratitude for all the amazing things that are currently present in your life, sets up a vibrational alignment to receive more of the same and indeed greater.  When we express thanks, our heart becomes open, and a gateway to source is created.  Then I would recite the prayer that I had written at that time to manifest the changes that I was seeking to occur in my life.  Not only did the prayer reaffirm to myself every single day that this is what I wanted and ingrained it into my own psyche, but the power of words spoken out aloud is much greater than you think.  And of course, you are petitioning and invoking spirit to act on your behalf, as an intermediary with the universal life force to help you bring about change, and believe me, it is a powerful tool.

189946_459971687400213_348429996_nI would suggest that you think about and write down the prayer that you wish to recite every morning to create the changes you want.  Now if you are just going to write “Dear god, give me $100,000 so I don’t have to work anymore”, then I don’t think you are going to have a lot of success.  For a start, what are you changing in your life to deserve being given $100,000.  That is operating out of pure ego and I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way.  If you were to say “Dear god, help me raise $100,000 for the orphanage that I am working with to help feed and shelter the children”, then you’re heading in the right direction.  After all, we are all here to develop our spiritual being by living our soul purpose and that is the essence of spiritual growth and evolution on our path.

Below I am going to share my own actual prayer that is very personal to me, but there is nothing like being transparent and authentic in these processes, because that is where the power is, in being real.  As well, you get an idea exactly of the wording and the sense of what I am willing to surrender in my life to move to a greater place of empowered operation by being in service of others.  Here goes:

Dear Goddess

I drop into my heart and acknowledge that I am a reflection of the divinity that I find when I walk as your priestess in the world.

I affirm that I am here to experience total abundance and financial freedom by living my true soul purpose, traveling globally, sharing my knowledge and wisdom, educating and healing as your priestess.

Let me be a vessel for your energy as my hands do your work and support me to create a vibration of flow and ease which affirms my willingness to receive as well as to give and share.

I give thanks for my current state of abundance and acknowledge that this reflects my ability to do exactly what I need, at the time it is required.

I intend a healthy clear body that is fit and energetically activated and that my kundalini Shakti is employed for sharing sexual energy in a practical and educational capacity on hieros gamos and sacred sexuality.

Goddess grant me a modality of teaching that is in alignment with my highest purpose and gifts that continues to unfold as I share it globally and that this work sees me connecting with spiritually activated and abundant individuals living a life of ecstasy and bliss.

Help me to own the core aspect of my being as priestess of goddess, sharing that wisdom and love and that every interaction and circumstance reflects the sacred that I am.

Support me to create a home base in Chiang Mai that sits high in a rural location, where I may create a temple space for sharing and teaching your wisdom.  Here I live in abundance with my sacred partner in a loving home, lusciously furnished, growing organic food and produce, delighting in the natural surroundings, wearing natural fabrics and clothing, driving a new car, and having met all my physical desires.

So be it and so it is…

Blessed be

kerri1Okay, so some things to notice.  I am making myself available to be an instrument of the divine here on earth.  I know that’s not what everyone is going to be doing, but essentially, if you want to live your highest passion, you are always going to be in service.  Being abundant and financially free means that you are available to do the work.  You cannot live your passion sitting in a 9 to 5 job working for the man… ain’t gonna happen.  Note I gave thanks for that which I already had, thereby creating a flow of energy that is receptive and willing to receive.  Health is always so important.  You can’t live your passion if you don’t have your health.  If you have great health, then give thanks for it so that you continue the vibration.  If not, ask for healing around the areas of your body and mind and for those remedies to come to you in the best way possible.

Then I listed few things that I intend to happen to support the work that I want to do.  As I work with sexual energy, then I need this to be clear and in alignment with the sacred.  I intend to create some modality that is uniquely brought through by me in order that it supports the very things I want to teach and share.  And I need a home base that supports and nurtures me with all the best things.  If you think that having a new car or designer clothes or a great house is not spiritual, then think again.  That is buying into the trap that many spiritual people have by believing that money is in some way dirty or tainted they and wouldn’t want to be involved in something so essentially non-spiritual.  Bullshit I say!  This comes down to deservibility and an erroneous belief that spirit equals poor.  Having the trappings of an abundant and successful life indicates that you are great at what you do.  If you want to be of service in the material world, then you are still going to have to support yourself and pay your way, and the more successful and abundant you are, then the greater service you can be and the more people you can reach.

Okay, so to recap.

  • showered-with-rose-petalsWrite a statement about the vision you have for your life and the practical steps you need help with in creating that
  • Remember to express gratitude and to give thanks for all the abundance and gifts you already have
  • Ask for healing around the areas that are preventing you from achieving this in your life right now
  • List the things that are specific to achieving your vision
  • Make a commitment to perform your ritual on a daily basis, and if that is not what you want to do, then make it 5 days a week (with weekends off) or whatever works, but keep the commitment

I wish you the greatest empowerment to achieve the changes you desire in order that you can live a powerful and abundant life.

Goddess bless

Priestess Kerri


Kerri is a woman of goddess, a priestess, an international workshop facilitator, speaker, writer and author teaching and sharing on the goddess, sacred sexuality and the divine feminine.  Her intention is to invoke the goddess back into women’s lives and to awaken their hearts and their authentic sexual nature in order to know themselves as divine. She is an initiated Priestess of the Goddess with the Order of the Pomegranate Grove and wrote her masters thesis on HIEROS GAMOS: Sacred Sexuality Ancient and Modern”.

received_120300000650597035When working through the vibration of the White Lotus Temple, Kerri experienced a deeply transformative initiation at the altar of Kwan Yin where energetic layers of resistance to self-love were dissolved, creating a heart space that birthed a new direction in her life.  Now moving into the wisdom years of her life, Kerri acknowledges that the heart energy of love is the healing balm through which she creates change and renewal in the world.  The compassion of the Boddhisatva Kwan Yin is eternally embedded in her work and her life as she shares her love of the sacred feminine.

Om mani padme hum