What is a jade egg?

Jade Eggs are an egg shaped crystal that you insert into the vagina to internally massage the vaginal walls, to help awaken the neural, pleasure and energy pathways inside of the tissue. A Jade Egg helps you strengthen your whole lower abdomen and pelvic floor musculature which can deepen your pleasure and orgasmic potential and eliminate incontinence.

Jade Eggs originally come to us from China where they have been used for many centuries by Asian women as an aid to strengthen and tighten vaginal and bladder muscles while providing sensual arousal. These eggs were made from natural Chinese green jade which has long been associated with the promotion of Chi (energy) enhancing all round good health.  The highest quality of these is nephrite jade which is a very dense crystal unlike other normal crystalline structures such as rose or clear quartz.  Nephrite Jade is stronger than steel so it’s the top recommended crystal for vaginal use.

The use of both stone and Jade Eggs to strengthen the vagina is a practice that evolved in ancient China. As time went on, the secret of this practice remained in the Royal Palace and was taught only to the queen and concubines of the Emperor. Many who mastered the technique experienced very good health, remaining young and bountiful, with sexual organs in old age as tight and resilient as those of a young, unmarried woman. These exercises strengthen the Chi (Pubo-coccygeus or PC) muscle to lift sexual energy inward and upward where it will be transformed into higher spiritual energy.

You will be surprised at how dramatic the change can be to the whole of your pelvic floor after just a few short weeks of doing daily exercise with your Jade Egg.  This is true no matter what stage of life you are at presently at.  Whether young, post-child birth, post-menopausal or anywhere in between, exercising the muscles of your vagina and pelvic floor has unlimited benefit to maintaining tone for sexual and energetic well-being.

How do you use a jade egg?

Jade Eggs comes in three different sizes. Small, Medium and Large. You can intuitively decide which Jade Egg is best for you, or you can follow these guidelines. If you have had children or have a wide pelvis, start with the large egg and move down to the smallest as you begin to advance in your practice. If you have a narrow pelvis and have not had children you may start with the small sized or medium sized egg.  (Just note that single egg purchase only come in the medium size.  If you want to access the small and larger eggs, you will need to purchase a set of three as they are not sold individually.)

First empty your bladder and make sure that your egg is clean.  You can begin by setting intention, doing a ritual, creating an offering anything you feel comfortable doing.

If it feels appropriate, and you have the time, you can start by massaging your breasts. For women, the breasts are linked to the vagina, and when you stimulate your breasts, it sends energy to the yoni, helping to become lubricated and open. One way is to use oil to start massaging the breasts in circles around the nipple. Breast massage is not essential but it’s helpful for women who need assistance in lubrication and opening.

Once we feel ready, bring the Jade Egg to the opening of the vagina, and slowly allow the vagina to invite the egg in. Hold the egg just in the entrance and connect your energy field with the energy field of the egg. This can be done standing with one foot raised on a chair, or lying down.

Now when you first begin, just start to explore the muscles. Breathe in, hold the breath and contract the pelvic floor muscles for ten seconds (or a count of 10) and then completely relax the muscles and let go for ten seconds. This relaxation is vital and will assist in sexual arousal by remaining in a relaxed state that contributes to greater orgasmic potential.  To begin with, do 10 rounds of breath and then build after a couple of weeks’ use.  There are many more advanced practices that you can engage in.

Jade Eggs for busy women

You can wear your jade egg while you go about your other activities. If you are busy and feel you do not have time for the ritual, there are many ways to still effectively use your Jade Egg.

A simple way to get your daily practice in, is to insert while in the shower.  Hold the egg in, doing pulses or clenches and then take a moment to draw the egg up to your cervix and then down again without it falling out.  You can then remove the egg clean it and have it ready for your next use.

It is really very easy to get your daily practice done:

  • Allocate quiet time alone in your own space
  • in your car commuting to and from work
  • watching television
  • sitting at the computer
  • cooking or preparing food
  • laying down playing with your phone or device
  • ironing
  • meditating
  • sleeping (once a week sleeping all night with your Jade Egg in, is a fabulous idea. It allows the properties of the jade to energetically heal your body).
  • sitting in the car waiting for your child to finish sport or activity
  • there are so many opportunities to incorporate your Jade Egg into daily life.

Why would You use a jade egg?

 The benefits of using a Jade Egg are vast, unique and life enhancing. To begin with, a Jade Egg is a crystal that has energetic properties of its own. Different crystals can be used to increase vitality, rejuvenate, heal and clear and because they are inserted internally, become an intimate sacred item.  Some of the benefits of adopting a regular Jade Egg practice are listed below.

Increase your sexual pleasure

Nephrite single

Regular use of your Jade Egg will increase blood flow in the pelvic and genital area, which leads to a rejuvenation of nerve sensations and ultimately heightens sexual sensation. If you are someone who takes a long time to become sexually aroused, you will find that time drastically reduced as your yoni becomes like a well-oiled machine that is primed and ready to go. You will be more sensitive to G-spot stimulation and may experience deep and multiple orgasms, even for the first time. Training with the Jade Eggs teaches you the ability to control the art of giving and receiving pleasure. Clenching and pulsing the internal muscles of the yoni, will not only bring you much pleasure, but will also be felt by your male partner’s penis, to his great enjoyment also.

Regular practice will:

  • Increase libido, arousal and vaginal lubrication. Your shakti will be activated and infectious!
  • Allow for deeper, stronger, longer and more fulfilling orgasms (Whole body? Multiple? Both)
  • Help you experience different styles of orgasms (clitoral, g-spot, cervical, full body)
  • Awaken the nerve pathways in the vagina for increased pleasure (rewires your body and yoni for pleasure!)
  • Decrease or eliminate pain, numbness and/or dryness during sex and/or self-pleasure
  • Increase vitality and boost energy in your body
  • Support sexual healing and releasing of shame, guilt, trauma or pain that is lodged in your vaginal tissues and pelvis
  • Help you have better, deeper sleep and wake up invigorated and rejuvenated

Childbearing Women

The Jade Egg exercises are designed to help you to isolate the appropriate muscles in order to tone and strengthen them progressively. Done while pregnant and prior to birth, can assist in the overall tone of the pelvic floor, allowing for an easier delivery and reduced recovery time post-pregnancy, as well as helping you to avoid the debilitating circumstances of weak vaginal and pelvic floor muscles that can take precious time to recover their original resilience.

After childbirth, most women experience a stretching of the vagina and nerve loss resulting in decreased sexual sensitivity, while their partners also feel decreased stimulation and sexual enjoyment. Regular use of your egg will heal and restore the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles, increasing blood flow into the urogenital area, allowing for quick healing and regeneration of vaginal sensitivity, and restoring youthfulness to your vagina.

Menopausal Women

Peri and post-menopausal women can begin to experience symptoms of incontinence and a lack of lubrication on intercourse, often requiring the use of an oestrogen cream or other lubricants to be comfortable. A too-dry vagina can cause discomfort due to atrophy, and can lead to irritations, infections and abdominal pain.

A regular Jade Egg practice helps not only maintain the tone of the vagina, but promotes youthfulness and longevity in both the genitals and the whole body, totally eliminating incontinence and allowing for regular lubrication on sexual engagement and moisture for every day comfort.

Any tips, words of advice

My experience of working with Jade Eggs is that the benefits only happen when you create a regular practice.  Your egg arrives and you’re all excited and you begin to use it for a week, two weeks, a month, and then you stop.  At this point, you’ve just begun to have a toned and sexy yoni and are starting to experience the benefits, and then you’re bored.  I know, I’ve been there.  Find what works for you the best, in the shower three to four times a week, or driving to work or even on the bus is the best way to fit this practice into your busy life.

Purchase the best quality jade or crystal that you can afford.  The properties of nephrite jade far exceed the others, and they can be healing, clearing, rejuvenating and sacred, but if you can only afford an ordinary single Jade Egg, then buy that.  You can do everything you need to create your practice with that, and you can always upgrade at a later stage.

Cleansing your egg is simple in salted water or a weak vinegar solution once every week or two, depending on regularity of use.  A quick rinse after daily use is all that is generally required, but remember that anything less than Nephrite is porous and will absorb where it is sitting or stored.  Also remember not to leave your egg in the salt or vinegar solution longer than five minutes, because it will be absorbed into the egg and discolour it.  It won’t be damaged for use, just discoloured.

All the eggs that I sell come drilled and with a plastic string attached for easy retrieval.  My advice is that you cut the plastic string off and use a length of dental floss to thread through and tie.  This is then easily removed and thrown away after several uses for hygiene purposes.

Where can I purchase a jade egg and how can I learn more about using it?

My website store has a range of jade eggs available for purchase, both single and sets of three in nephrite and other jade and crystals.  Prices include postage within Australia (additional cost if posting overseas).  You will find them at:  https://goddessofsacredsex.com/store/

Every purchase comes with seven pages of instructions on use and care of your eggs and as a special offer to those who are purchasing through this GoSS Blog, I will include a complimentary meditation that you can use in combination with your egg, that will get you get started with your practice and guide you through your breath to activate your whole pelvic floor and raise sexual energy.  This will include the running of the microcosmic orbit which is an advanced practice that will transform the physical practice into a spiritual one.  Just include the word “BLOG” on your paypal purchase and I’ll forward it to you at the supplied email address.

Priestess Kerri