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The last six months or so has brought to my attention a subject that we really have remained mostly unaware of, and that is because entity attachments have a vested interest in keeping us totally in the dark about their presence.  I want to share with you what I have recently learned about entities, what they are and their wide-spread attachment to approximately 90% of the population, and unless you already know about them and have taken measures to dislodge them, then that means you.  This is quite a radical topic because firstly it scares people to think an invisible energetic parasite is feeding off them and secondly, because this topic is not yet common knowledge, many will totally disregard it as misinformation.  I have no vested interest in convincing anyone about this subject, just run it through your own filters to see if this resonates with you.


Entities are spirit beings, which means they have a non-physical body and live in the realm of the astral plane.  These beings can take the form of spirit entities, ghosts, human souls, dark forces, demons, ET’s, reptilians, or fallen angels.

Peter Michael explains that in his experience:

75% – 80% of the population have spirit entities/ghosts/human souls attached to them
50% – 60% of the population have dark forces, demons, and/or ET’s attached to them
80% – 90% of the population have some form of entity attached to their land or home

Like all beings, entities need to feed and what they feed on is the energy of living beings such as humans and animals.  For this they attach themselves to the energy field or aura of a person or animal and then start drinking their energy.  In essence, entities are vampires and parasites for they feed on others life force (prana).  Many entities have a very low level of intelligence and to them a human being is just food. You could compare those with mosquitoes or leeches, but there are other entities which are intelligent and cunning and know exactly what they are doing, which is much more than just take your energy.  Some of those are very powerful and have been around for a long time.  These ancient and highly developed entities we call demons.  Demons are wilier and more dangerous entities and they are more difficult to remove.  I recommend you seek out the services of a professional to assist you in their removal.


Dark forces and spirits attach to people through cuts, holes and distortions in an individual’s energy field or aura.  There are many ways of unconsciously picking up spirits. Entities feed off, and are attracted to negative emotions.  Most people attract them when they experience stressful life events eg. death of a loved one, divorce, martial separation, personal injury or illness, dismissal from work etc., hold grudges and don’t want to forgive, have feelings of guilt, use alcohol or drugs, engage in casual or abusive sex, experience rape, during surgeries under anesthesia, while summoning ghosts (eg. playing with Ouija Board), living in a haunted house, or during some spiritual healing practices. Also, people raised in abusive environments, where there was no love, are also more susceptible.


The one thing that all entities have in common is that they feed on your energy.  A person who has many entities will generally have low energy.  Some people who have serious entity infections will feel cold a lot, but that alone is not an indicator for entities.  The general rule is the more entities you have, the less energy and vitality (prana) you have.  Entities can cause physical problems in the part of the body or the chakra where they are stuck.  Most entities will eventually cause physical disease and problems and in a worst case scenario, lead to premature death through depletion of life force.

The more advanced and cunning entities have another agenda only and that is to cause separation.  As entities are demonic beings, they loathe Oneness and try everything to separate you from your light or divinity.  They achieve this by pushing your buttons and creating negative emotions such as despair, apathy and unreasonable fear.  In some cases when a person is being “possessed” by very powerful entities or demons their character will change drastically, as the entities influence them and can even run their lives!  You can be sure that entities are not going to create a life of prosperity, abundance and joy for you!  Their agenda is pain.  Therefore entities will try to create such situations in your life that will cause you maximum grief.  They will try to lead you astray spiritually, guiding you to false teachers and distracting you from the ones who could really help you.  They will rebel if you start to work with the Goddess and will manipulate you towards disempowering religions.  Their purpose is to keep you from finding your power or light.


It is well known that any individual seeking to heal themselves and work towards spiritual advancement, must get rid of all their entities.  There is no point in seeking empowerment while you are full of these attachments because they will hinder you from coming into your sovereignty and try to lead you astray.  I personally have been working with Marguerite Rigoglioso of the Seven Sisters Mystery School to clear my own energy field of old attachments and whose work I recommend and provide you some links for.  But please do your own research to find someone who resonates with you.

Addiction as Entity Possession
Sex Abuse, Entities, Time Marguerite Rigoglioso Pt 1 

Karl Mollison is another person whose work comes highly recommended and you can find him here:  Removing Spirits and Healing Negativity


My Shadow of the Dark Goddess Workshop begins this Wednesday, 17 January and offers an opportunity to journey into the depths of your own shadow to find the hidden areas of your life that can open the door to entity attachment, drain your energy and run your life.  In this month long, online workshop, you will choose as a guide, one of the dark goddesses to work with and receive via email, written information and instructions, guided meditations, prayers, invocations and webinar teachings that will take you on an underworld journey.  This will assist you to recognise and face your shadow, learn how to integrate the behaviours and love back to wholeness the parts of you that are presently hidden in the dark.

I will be taking all participants through a clearing practice that will dislodge the lower level entities, cords and attachments that do not fall into the categories of demons, dark forces or ET’s, and provide you with protection practices that will serve to shield and guard you on your underworld sojourn.  All these protection practices can be used now and into the future to keep the energy fields clear and safeguard against further entity infestation or psychic attacks.

This is powerful work we do when we grow our spirit into the light.  It is my honour as Priestess of Goddess to guide all seekers on the path to uncover the darkness within self in order to bring it into the light for healing.

May all beings know love.
In Her service

Priestess Kerri


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