It has been some time since I have blogged on this site, but I find myself with some time over the holiday break and wish to share with you some more of the mysteries of the goddess and menstrual blood is a topic relevant to at least half the population.

What feelings arises when you read or hear the term “Blood Mysteries”?  Are you immediately intrigued and want to know more, or do you feel dismissive and uninterested?  Both are relative because they reflect the cultural behaviours and stories we learn about the power of blood, the value of blood and its cleanliness or dirtiness.  The story of our menstrual blood is a complex and deep journey mirroring the rise and fall of the goddess and the change in our beliefs and conditioning from ancient times.

At one time Menstrual Blood or Moon Blood, was the most sacred substance on Earth.  It was known by some cultures as the elixir of youth and was ingested to extend life and grant the user with enhanced spiritual powers.  A woman’s bleeding was considered a cosmic event, relating and connecting her to the moon, the lunar cycles and the tides.  She was creatrix, birthing new life through her womb, able to bleed and bleed and not die.  She was thought to be at the height of her power at this time, and for this reason was encouraged to spend time listening to her inner voice which would often offer suggestions and wisdom which would benefit the whole of her tribe.

But when Christianity recast the female body as evil, Eve became the source of original sin, the sexual temptress of man, and so the value of women and the goddess had to be suppressed.  The womb ceased to be a sacred temple, women were damned to forever suffer pain in menstruation and childbirth, and the once highly revered Blood Mysteries were forgotten or forced underground.

Most women will bleed approximately one week in every month for 35 years of their life.  Just think about that for a moment.  For some it is a painful and resented experience, put up with and endured.  For others, there is an awakening into the spiritual dimension that the bleeding state offers; a portal opening into the sacred nature of the womb and the wisdom mysteries that were once available to all women at this time.

Today we are once again remembering the power of our Moon Blood.  The mysteries are returning and we are conscious of the need to purify our womb space, create right relationship with our menses and reinstate the sacred activation that comes when we are aligned with the immense power of the bleeding woman.

Many women have a difficult and painful time when they are bleeding.  It is helpful to remember that the menses are that part of our monthly cycle where we release from our womb what has not come to fulfilment (i.e. the fertilisation of an egg).  This is a literal physical release and also an emotional release.  When we are more aware and conscious of our cycle, we can observe what has been occurring in the previous month that has also not come to fruition, and which also needs to be let go.  Going inward and being present with your body, paying attention to your energy levels and your own need for nurture, helps identify what other issues must also be let go of with your blood.  Understanding your cycle and working consciously with the letting go in preparation for the beginning of a new cycle is indeed blood magick at its most simple.

As a priestess myself, I always returned my blood to the earth.  Now in my wise woman years, I no longer bleed but this simple ritual has been done by women across the planet for millennia.  What do you think women did before the invention of tampons and pads?  They used to gather in menstrual huts and bleed directly into the earth, returning the sacred blood which was highly oxygenated and filled with nutrients, back to the Great Mother.  This is the foundation of the Red Tent movement across the world, that calls women back to the traditional gatherings that used to support women every month as they bleed, but which have disappeared from modern women’s lives.  Whilst not about gathering to bleed together anymore, the Red Tent is about community and support for women that acknowledges the rise of the sacred feminine and the return of the mysteries and stories of the old ways so that each woman can once again feel connected.  Seek out Red Tents in your area to find this support in your own local community.

When you offer your blood back to the earth, it becomes a ritual that honours your own body, your feminine mysteries and acknowledges that you are a creator of life.  How miraculous to think that you can grow life in your own womb.  When you start to acknowledge the miracle that is your bleeding cycle, then instead of feeling contempt for your body, that seemingly causes pain and inconvenience every month, you begin a process of nurture, that changes the experience you are having.  Start to honour this time as me time, even if it is only a few hours where you can have a soak in the tub and drop in and connect with you.  What also assists is to begin a ritual practice of returning your blood to the earth.  Use of a moon cup or reuseable products is perfect, but tampons and pads can just as easily be soaked in a container of water to release the blood to pour back into the earth.  You may like to create a moon garden where you choose to nurture specific plants with your blood that represent your hopes and dreams for the future.  Say your prayer of thanks to the Mother as you return your blood to the earth, visualising all your dreams coming true.  Watch the difference it makes to your pain and PMS issues as well, as you change your thoughts from detesting to ones of honouring.

The power of our blood is a mystery that has been withheld from us by Church and State who would prefer that we be kept uninformed and easily controlled.  Reclaiming this wisdom is the right of every woman and man and I will be writing more on the subject of blood as it relates to sex magic in the future.  Look out for Part 2.

Priestess Kerri

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