Shadow of the Dark Goddess 2020

Welcome to your shadow.  You are invited to participate in a full lunar month online journey traveling with the dark goddess.



The new year is upon us, creating a gateway through which we step, saying goodbye to the year that has been and preparing to commence a new solar cycle.  At this time of the year we invoke a new template, one which will support the growth and changes that we intend will accompany us on our journey through the rest of the year.

For those coming into awareness of their shadow behaviours, the time is perfect to engage the energies of the Dark Goddess to support you in an investigation into the unconscious to explore the beliefs and addictions to substances or drama that keep you limited and stuck.

Commencing on the dark moon of 26 December 2019, as priestess, I will guide you on a full month online journey with the Dark Goddesses to explore the hidden underworld of your own unconscious. Don’t be put off by the starting date on Boxing Day – this will just be the beginning of a two week investigation and preparation – no lessons, just information gathering in the lead up to the full moon. It is then that we commit.  But please know this work is not for the feint of heart and asks for your commitment to dive deep.  If this is a journey you’ve been meaning to make, the Dark Goddess will serve as your guide, as you surrender to the pull of the underworld to unearth the gems that will change your whole life.  I only run this workshop once every year, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to participate in changing your life.

At this time of the holiday season, may I just extend my best wishes and love to you all as the new year approaches.  Do take the opportunity to review and cast off that which no longer serves you and intend the changes you wish to make that will bring you peace and joy in the coming year.

Seasons blessings to you all and may your hearts be full to bursting.

Priestess Kerri


The dark goddesses we will work with in this workshop:
  • Kali – the Hindu mother goddess, destroyer of the ego
  • The Morrighan – the Celtic goddess of war that mediates the journey from life to death
  • Lilith – explores the shadow side of feminine sexuality
  • Sekhmet – Egyptian warrior goddess of destruction
  • Hekate – the threefold Moon Goddess connected with magic and feminine independence
  • Inanna / Ereshkigal – Inanna, Queen of Heaven & Earth journeys to meet her sister Ereshkigal, Queen of the underworld
  • The Crone – she is the dark of the moon, the hidden one, scorned and reviled
  • Baba Yaga / Hag – her bony grasp leads you to transformation and rebirth
  • Persephone – Greek Queen of the Underworld supports a healing journey through sexual abuse

Each of these goddesses represents a shadow or underworld aspect that will help mirror to you behaviours or beliefs that you can identify in yourself. We will invite them to journey with us to reveal their secrets and offer their healing.

Which one speaks to you already??

Don your priestess personae and join your sisters in the secret online FB page, where we begin the journey together on the dark of the moon of 26 December 2019 where I will hold space for a full lunar month. You will be given instructions on how to create an altar and choose which goddess to work with.  You will receive via email throughout the month written information and instructions, guided meditations, prayers, invocations and webinar teachings to guide you on an underworld journey which will see you recognise and face your shadow, learn how to integrate the behaviours and love back to wholeness the parts of you that are presently hidden in the dark. This month long immersion will include two zoom call sessions where we will gather online together as a group of sisters in support of each other, together with a 30 minute one-on-one zoom session with me personally, where we can discuss issues specific to your situation.  This is incredibly good value where you are receiving a wealth of my research and years as a priestess of goddess to guide you on this investigation into your own hidden self.

                                  YOUR INVESTMENT – A$255

     EARLY BIRD RATE PAY BY 12 DECEMBER 2019 – a$222

                        REGISTER ONLINE VIA PAYPAL – FULL RATE – $255


NOTE:  no refunds will be available on payments made

Go to the website for full details of how this online journey will work with details of how to make payment and what the cost will include.

Contact: Kerri Ryan
+61 417 934 788

Alternatively pay by direct transfer and advise me by email of payment:
BSB: 814 282
Account: 30609993

From the moment I agreed to attend this workshop my shadow self emerged ready to be acknowledged and understood. What an honest and in depth self exploration this journey with the Shadow Goddess was and shall continue to be. There is something incredibly powerful about sharing space with a collective of other empowered women embracing their truth. Under the loving and humble guidance of Kerri Ryan I have emerged from this workshop freely embracing, understanding and integrating my shadow aspects into my life without judgment for the first time in my life. Thank you Kerri for creating a space for women to freely celebrate themselves and one another. Blessings xoxo  Beth Fitzgerald

I want to thank you for your unabashed authenticity. Your trust and faith in self and Goddess, infiltrates your teachings and sets a rare and beautiful example to us all. Thank you for creating a space for us to connect with the Goddess in a tangible and life altering way that is also nourishing for the soul. The workshop was and will continue to be an amazing adventure.  Blessed be Bethany

I bow to you Kerri ….for the extraordinary journey of this last month…. where you offered wise counsel, guidance, held a sacred space and walked beside me into awareness of Lilith and her mysteries, that I have been born to uncover. This experience has been more powerful and profound than I could ever have imagined and my gratitude is beyond my ability to convey in words.  Chery

Kerri, thank you so much for your beautiful workshop today. An awesome opportunity to laugh and cry with old and new sistars, and to experience your work again. A very well thought out and detailed workshop, which has brought healing and peace to me already as I made the first decision to honour my promise to myself. Beautiful to set this as an intent at the new moon…it was also amazingly informative given your extensive study of the goddesses and their roles. I really enjoyed the entire workshop, from start to finish – and noone’s ever said I am easy to keep entertained. Thank you also to the lovely women who helped you hold the space so effectively. I very much look forward to your next workshop as I think there is a deeper layer every time. Thanks once again:-) Scarlett SF